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    Implemented Alert for when author you followed posts new chapter

    It shouldn't be as basic as just following an author. Some authors write multiple stories and not every follower wants updates on every single one of their stories. It should be on a story-by-story basis. Either all stories added to a reading list (the simplest method and also the closest to...
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    Why scribble hub wont publish bad reviews?

    I'm pretty sure all reviews get quickly looked over and need approved before they actually show up, so it probably just wasn't looked at yet by Tony. And Tony has no problem publishing bad reviews. The only ones that ever get denied are blatant troll reviews and spam, as far as I know.
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    Harem or single heroine?

    Pretty much this. As long as you can continue giving all the members of the relationship equal time without forgetting any of them, you can add as many as you want. A lot of people say "harem bad because no development and girls are forgotten and treated as trophies." That's just bad writing...
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    Senpai Oshiete~ how to set up a Patreon as an Author?

    While generally true, there are authors who put the bare minimum amount of effort into their pages, have extremely infrequent posting schedules, and who don't even bother typing more than a couple of words for their tiers, and I've seen them make $500+ a month. Not much if you're in America, but...
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    Sharestory and shihaixian41103

    It's the new name for Swordystories and whatever other names they've gone under before. It's all a scam. Report and ignore.
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    What is your opinion of

    The Webnovel app alone has had over 10 million installs on the playstore, so there's definitely a massive audience there. I don't think that much of it is faked, either, like some people like to believe without any evidence. However, while there is a giant audience there for exposure, the...
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    What is your opinion of

    Disregarding all the usual "bad Chinese company is bad and unethical" stuff that somebody else will probably cover: As a reader, as far as I know, the only reason to really dislike it is the pay-to-unlock system where you basically end up paying per chapter. But honestly, it's just a more micro...
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    Dive into the Metadata – A ScribbleHub Analysis of Smut

    The only time this has been the case was when I uploaded censored smut to RR after the original EDE was taken down for being too lewd. It hit 2k followers in a month and was top of trending, then got kicked off. Uploaded the censored version. Got about 800 followers or so in the same time and...
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    Dive into the Metadata – A ScribbleHub Analysis of Smut

    We exist, but as you've said before on the forum, once a smut author, always a smut author. Or something like that. It doesn't matter if you only have 1/5 smut series. People will just assume they're all smut. The curse of being horny, but only some of the time. :blobtaco: Personally speaking...
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    Dive into the Metadata – A ScribbleHub Analysis of Smut

    Good work! But you implied that these series are getting views because they're good instead of only because they're using clickbait and appealing to the most basic of desires. Therefore, I suggest acquiring popcorn before this thread gets turned into about how you're wrong and they're not good...
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    The Metus Contest

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    get your horny asses in and VOTE

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    Two settings.

    Unless they've grown massively, I wouldn't recommend it. The top stories there used to only have like, 100 readers. And they barely allow any formatting.
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