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    The Second Tempest Contest

    So, magic musical instrument like for example. Monster hunter hunting horn is fine?
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    Question...(unrelated to writing).

    None and both. Depending on the person it is the one that mentally mature. If you ever meet this kind of person in real life you will understand. It is the ability to not regret one decision. It is the ability to accept one flaw then try to make up for it. A person who seems to do not...
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    Writing Starting your fantasy world

    It depends on how you gonna tell your story. If world building aspect will matter(like if there will be this taboo or certain rule about the world) then i guess information dump is not a bad choice. But if it's a character-driven story. Then i will just make the characters subtly implying...
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    Are fanfictions really interesting?

    Hey don't be like that. Take a pride in your work. But don't be attached. Because one day you will write a story better than your previous one. A step forward is a step forward. Like a baby, if you never fall, you probably will never learn to run.
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    Are fanfictions really interesting?

    Hey i already checked it. Not read it yet though. But, hey add more tags will ya? That will help more people to find your story. Best of luck for you.
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    Are fanfictions really interesting?

    I judge fanfiction with a different standard. First of all, the nature of fan fiction is self-satisfactory. It is never ment to be published or rate by the masses. The reason? Again, because it's fan fiction. The writer will have different grasp of understanding compared to the original...
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    I can predict whether your story will become popular or not

    Lmao, no it's fine. I know that 'drug and hookers' is reference from the wolf of wall street. Funnily enough, i just watched that movie few days ago.
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    I can predict whether your story will become popular or not

    Nah, i don't think i like the drug and hooker. Because i don't know one bit about drug (it's hard to access you know?) This story was inspired by quote from real suicide survivor something " when i jump, i realized i don't want to die. I just want all my problem to be over. And when i think...
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    Reincarnated as a saltwater crocodile in the modern world

    Lmao yes but, I still lives far from that city of heroes. I just know the story from certain national television with flying fish mistaken as a dragon.
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    Reincarnated as a saltwater crocodile in the modern world

    Make it fight shark for territory reason. Probably also add magic to add the tension and the scale of dangerous. Then make it for the twist that the shark was actually his brother (Also reincarnated.) In the end both die from the fight and the place where they battle become an island and on...
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    I can predict whether your story will become popular or not

    Hmmm, I don't know. What about. A boy who repeatedly seeing a dream about a certain girl trying to Jump out from rooftop in what seems to be suicide attempt. The dream always end right before or when girl jump. One day the boy meet the girl by chance on the street and the girl was...
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    Rom com where MC has a scary face

    When Hikaru still on earth?
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    Pleas Read this and please try to guide me

    As for now, how about you write it first? Anything. Then publish it. So that we can know about your writing. But if you not yet written anything. My tips probably would be, to put emphasis on the flow when you are reading it. Like you i am a reader before a writer. And my problem with some...
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    Lack of FMA Fandom novels

    You create it then, if it's you. You must be able to do it. If you can, then why you need to wait for someone that may or may not even exist to write that. My point is, "Do It! Just, Do it! Make your dreams come true!"
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    What genre fits a story that is just quotes?

    Probably, inspirational or historical if done right. But, if it's literally only filled quotes. then that probably isn't story. Could be book of quotes (i don't know what the proper term) or maybe an anthology.