In a Rock


Adventurer's Guild Card​

GoalNo Goal as of now

White Hair, Clear green eyes, Delicate face and slender body frame. Leans on the beautiful side yet his personality makes him cute
Rune Script: Can imbued runes with magic and give certain functions or create complicated magic formation the more complex Runes are inscribed.

Mechanic: Able to work with metals and understand how certain machines work.

Material Creation: Provided with a certain materials, able to craft a new materials based on the materials predecessor from it.

Alchemist: Can Brew certain materials and provide potion based around it.

Crafting System: Every Crafter's basic tool to help create and build blueprints on an item.

Inventor's Mindscape: A normal mindscape yet with the sole function on analyzing, researching and collecting information based around the inventor's knowledge. May drain the user's mental spirit upon too much use.

Magic Circuit Inscription: More potent than Rune Scription however Requires materials to craft. Highly dangerous if not handled well.
Shy, apologetic and slight distrustful of people. Often relies with the wooden golem he carries for communications and help.
Found at a forest and was rescued by an old couple, he was raised with care and tender love by those around him as he often have trouble being able to connect through others. While being a man, he lacks the strength to wield a sword but he still strives hard not to disappoint those around him. What he lacks, he compensates as he soon discovers that not only does he understand magic unlike other kids his age, he also discovers that he specializes in crafting and even went to extent build his own works through his knowledge and creativity in his mind. While good things last, he soon discover that he landed upon a new world in the next moment as all he has left in him was a wooden doll he carries around. Alone and helpless, he wanders through this world out of nowhere and finds out that he could ask for help in a nearby building called a guild and find out his purpose in this grand world he found himself in.


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