Name]: Aurora von Schwarz

[Age]: 15. Everything is better lolified!

[Gender]: Female obviously. This is an Otome game after all. :blob_aww:


The von Schwarz were an old and powerful lineage that could trace their origins back to the earliest days of Fialoros itself. Dynasties came and fell since the dawn of time, but the von Schwarz persisted throughout the ages undisturbed by external machinations.

The name von Schwarz was a name that carried weight. A name that commanded respect even among the nobility

Aurora was the latest individual in this long line. Reincarnated as the sole daughter and heiress of the Schwarz family, she now frequents the magic academy of Attessia, not knowing what adventures await her.

[Wealth] [6 - Wealthy] I am rich! Yay! Not extremely rich, but probably richer than you, lowly peasant! Ohohohoho! :blob_evil_two: *certain statements might be inspired by a certain domestic villainess on this forum commonly known as Yorda*

[Parents] [3 Good] Mother was wonderful. Unfortunately, she died early. Now I am left with my stupid father. :blob_teary:

[Magical Talent] - Average [Locked] Dammit! Average. :blob_catflip:


08.00-10.00 Principles of Arcane Magic I (Soo Villainess)
10.00-12.00 Principles of Magic I (Angelica, Soo Villainess)
01.00-03.00 Principles of Elemental Magic II
03.00-05.00 Principles of Fire Magic III
05.00-07.00 Personal physical training.


08.00-10.00 Fencing Classes (Soo Villainess)
10.00-12.00 Principles of Lightning Magic I
01.00-03.00 Fundamentals of Sorcery II
03.00-05.00 Fundamentals of Healing Magic I
05.00-07.00 Fundamentals of Sorcery I (Soo Villainess)

2x Set of fitting school clothes
1x Set of casual clothes
1x Accurate map of the academy
1x Schwarz Noble Rapier
[Impact Points]: 0

[Gold Coins]: 0


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