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    A possibly illegal thread.

    Ever wondered why the first half had all the fun stuff and the second half is the total opposite of it? It's like you get that one great movie but then the second one destroys everything that made the first on good. I mean seriously? Isekai cheat reincarnation Jesus? Suddenly switching from a...
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    the title

    How about something without 'leveling', 'conquering', positive superlatives, 'cheat', 'apocalypse', 'end', anything that could be an RPG class, 'harem', 'litrpg', any version of 'growth', 'magic', and a few dozen million other words depending on what your story is about
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    Fantasy Tribes

    I'm thinking of making a few nomadic tribes. One will travel with some animals that sustain them, another will have to move with the seasons and a third one is just a group that loves their mounts too much (no best iality).
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    Defeat the OP Hax

    Let them kill themselves. Easy peasy. Since as you all know the bigger the cheats, the smaller they're in the sheets. Of brain tissue, don't know what you're thinking, perv. Just medusa mirror them one way or another and you either killed them or crippled them enough for a fair chance at...
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    Is there such thing as too many cliffhangers?

    You need at least two before the one at the end of the chapter to be a hack writer
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    Is going back in time and liking your lover's past self liking a different person?

    More important question is if you NTR your past self is it netorare, netori or netorase?
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    Why add unnecessary suffering, especially when it is not needed and over the top?

    My story starts with my MC being imprisoned by a group of idiots that rule a whole kingdom of smarter people by mind controlling them. Does that count as needless suffering? Anyway, melodrama is unneeded outside of tragedies where it's essential. But it gives the same kind of kick that mindless...
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    Writing Prompt Write a story in 6 words

    That's all folks, see ya
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    Which do you use.

    Grey, mostly to avoid typoing" looks gay to me" when asked about the colour
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    Story help needed

    "The legendary Cock, a chicken reincarnation story" Chicken story, hands down. If only to write as many sentences with the word 'cock', as in male chicken, in it as possible.
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    Thoughs on cover?

    Yes. But mostly because you got library in your title. But the bespectacled readhead helps
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    i want to be optimistic, but im starting to think that everything is luck

    Sounds like a serious cas of "Oh, woe is me". Now you just need ti channel your inner complexes into your writing and you've attained nirvana. At least in your playlist. If you've got taste.
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    Pervert. Anywhat, classic tuna pizza or mushroom with ham and bacon are great
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    Final girl

    I'd do my party trick where I, the giant hawaii-shirt wearing guy with semi-afro, just normally walk out of the room but nobody notices me.
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    Nier Automata Sucks (MASSIVE Spoilers)

    Did I forget the /s again? Looks like it.