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    Not to be that guy, but there's something suspicious here.

    the guy better not be cheating. I mean, my series is at 2nd place right nowm and I got to that place fair and suqare.
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    Is explaining too much a bad thing?

    Sometimes, I feel the need to explain some things about a character I wrote since I'm scared that my reader will misundertand him/her if I didn't do it. However, I'm also scared that some readers might think that I'm dragging things out by telling them something they already know. I was first...
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    Any Kamen Riders fan here?

    um, it's kind of hard to explain. you should google it instead.
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    Any Kamen Riders fan here?

    I've just done binge watching all the series from the Heisei and Reiwa series (except Saber). Here's my personal top three and worst three: Best 3: 1. Build 2. Gaim 3. Drive Worrst 3: 1. Kabuto 2. Den-O 3. Wizard
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    The Second Tempest Contest

    1. Can you be more specific for number 2? What I want to know is, what kind of secret life is secret? A V-Tuber? A Hero who returned from another world? A werewolf in disguise? 2. When you mentioned secret, is it okay if certain characters know about the MC's real identity? 3. Also, is there a...
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    Is this story good enough?

    1. Both Ryosuke and Shoichiro are given names. You might want to change one of them 2. Why would the clan member(s) tell the MC the secret to save his childhood friend? That's basically betrayal on their part. You might want to change it to a random stranger. 3. "Clan leader does know if she...
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    Am I a Writer Yet?

    that didn't happen to mine though.
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    Am I a Writer Yet?

    Yes. Yes, you are. The number of words doesn't matter at all. As long as you wrote something, you're a writer.
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    Looking for a manga title I've forgotten.

    thanks so much
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    Looking for a manga title I've forgotten.

    I've suddenly remembered about a manga that I haven't catch up in ages, but I've forgotten its title. Here's its plot: The Mc's mum (who's a really famous principal and educator) has passed away from a disease. Before she kicked the bucket, she made sure that the MC won't be lonely, so she...
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    Contest Theme's Suggestions

    1. fanfic 2. diary of a ghost or other nightmarish creatures 3. a war between a few countries, with innocent civilians caught in the middle 4. battle royale 5. post apocolypse world
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    Writing Prompt What if a heterosexual girl reincarnates/transmigrates into a Yuri Manga/Novel/Game?

    As a cultured meme once wrote, "all spaghetti are straight until they become wet."
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    Do you only post your stories on scribblehub?

    I used to post my story on Royal Road, but not anymore as that place is quite toxic. There was literally a reader who wrote on the review telling potential readers to dm him so that he could recommened them better story than mine
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    Smuts in harem series

    Of course there won't be no handholding. I'm not that much of a degenarate.
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    Smuts in harem series

    Do you guys usually read harem series in the hope that you'll get to read some adult actions, even though it's not the main focus?