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  • Hey guys! I just posted a new chapter for Drabbles of The Heart titled "The Luckiest Of Charms"! Feel free to go check it out! ^~^
    There will be sparse content from me for a while since I've been working on a collaboration project & a larger project regarding a Crimson Peak AU fic. To those who have been reading my works so far, thank you! To them again, I'm sorry for not being as active as I thought I would have been here :sweat_smile:
    Constructive criticism and positive comments are always welcome on my works, I'm glad to see people actually looking into my pieces c:
    Annnd A Reaper's Luck is out now! I hope you all enjoy! I'm really proud of this piece so I hope it was worth all the effort and time put into it 😅❤️
    What it do baybee :cool:
    I'm back at it again and about to publish a *lengthy* but worth it mlm story called A Reaper's Luck between now and sometime tomorrow so stay tuned :s_wink:
    New chapter! It's something that had been sitting in my drafts for awhile now and I've been contemplating on publishing it. It's nothing special, but it means the world to me, enjoy! :blob_hug:
    Heyooo, got a new chapter in the works and hopefully it's smooth sailing from here :blob_sweat: :blob_sweat:
    It's not the /same/ one I had in mind, but something much better than what I had started :D

    Still an undetermined publish date, but baby steps!
    A baby step forward is still a step toward progress!
    *shakes pompoms in encouragement*

    Thank you! It's gonna be a pretty lengthy "short" story but hopefully worth the read once it's out. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time :blob_sweat:
    Well, no new chapter this week :blob_sweat::blob_sweat:

    It's alright though, my editor has been really busy and I respect the personal struggle, gonna aim for a chapter at an undetermined date. Stay tuned :blob_wink:
    If you find me here, you can checkout my story "Drabbles of the Heart":

    I can also be found on Wattpad and IG if you want all updates you could ever imagine:@Blossom_From_Fear
    The Twisted Lotus Blossom or T.T.L Blossom is my pen name
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