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    Who is the strongest!?

    Yeah but i so want to have one to show off to the other kids. :’(
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    Who is the strongest!?

    Damn it! I don’t have an OP mc. :’( Must be because of them being too common in manga and fiction that i have never wanted to create one. :’( I am such an outcast. :’(
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    Who is the strongest!?

    What is a power-fantasy?
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    Writing How to differentiate Magic vs. Psychic Power?

    This is a more condensed and detailed form. Since i am only dealing with hard magic systems, there are thing that my rules are ill-equipped for.
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    Writing How to differentiate Magic vs. Psychic Power?

    I think i may have made a comment like this before but if you would like an example to act as your framework, you can visit my glossary.
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    War Crimes In Web Novels

    Like what? Throwing infants out of the window of the 2nd floor. Stuffing the survivors of a town into the hall, barred all doors and set fire while chuckling on their scream? Tie POWs in front of cannon barrels and fire? Line up citizens and start beheading them? Have tanks run over them...
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    What is your ultimate goal as an author?

    Author are like God. Author writes as they see fit. Do you ask God what is his ultimate goal? If you do, he will answer. I do ’cause I am. There is no greater goal. There is no reason, no logic, no justification, no final answer. Any creator that worth their dollar do it out of their...
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    Writing How to differentiate Magic vs. Psychic Power?

    I don’t see how to differentiate them. This is the same problem with many series when there is nothing to tell the two apart because the world building is not invested as much. If you want your readers to even differentiate them, you need to have solid rule how thing would interact. How the...
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    Super strength and its depiction

    What bother me the most are friction and center of gravity. When you start applying more force than a certain threshold, the ground is as unstable as quicksand. Applying even more force and it would be like liquid water or oil. You can’t run faster, jump higher or stomp harder. When you start...
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    The tale of justice

    Somewhere in feudal Japan. The clan was tricked into assisting the rebels against the imperial court. When the rebellion failed, the clan was supposed to be executed entirely. The young master (14 years old) and heir of the clan was suggested to take the responsibility for the clan and he agreed...
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    Recommendations Ice/Frost male MC!

    Oh. You read that novel? DDS?
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    WARNING for WRITERS: Ignore W*BN*VEL Invite E-Mails

    Now that's just bad manner. Even dogs and cats have to learn how to act else they got euthanized.
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    How long is the ‘perfect chapter’? Both to read and write?

    Below 800 if you want to inflate the view on your page and increase interaction. Else just write how ever long u wish.
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    Writing Prompt Give your MC a "reason you suck" speech

    “Now I won’t be so worry about those Boku no Pico fanclubs or those porn writers. You puretards on the other hand are a plague. Seriously bullying artists for their arts because it doesn’t suit your twisted value?” “Are you joking? You think these pedos are fine?” “No child was ever abused in...
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    Unconventional Uses for Basic Superpowers

    If i have fast regeneration power, think about all the sperms i could sell to make beauty products or food, or supply to science.