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    My Awesome Friend Strikes Again

    Time like this I wish there was a headpat emoji
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    If a work of fiction exists as such in a story, does that story count as fanfiction?

    I mean if you use stuff old stories in the public domain like all the Nord mythology(Thor, world serpent ect) won't be counted as fan fiction since it's free to use. Which is why DC and Marvel has their own versions of Thor. Unless you are basing off on their version, then it's fan fiction.
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    Age of Empires 4 - Thoughts?

    I know currently there is a lot of bugs and balance issues with age of empires 4. But still overall a good game. I used to play a lot starcraft 2 as under the name of Darking(not the one in all caps) and only play custom games. But after everything has gone on blizzard and it continually gets...
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    Do you think you can read 10 thousand chapters by the end of 2022?

    At this point I forgotton how many chapters I read in 2021 so far
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    What is your favorite series on this site?

    I think Dream Engine: Beta Tester…. D.C. Comics is definitely my favorite on Scribblehub. Mainly because I have a massive bias towards lit-rpgs and super hero comics. Also it's a nice long read.
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    Reincarnated under the wing of the god of death, what blessing would you choose?

    I would probably pick the first one. Since the end game for necromancy for most fantasy settings are liches and has a phylactery to revive with. I rather been boned then have rotton skin.
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    Is it me or does everyone put on a song for the mood of the book

    I honestly just listen to Lofi music or some touhou when I read.
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    Does anyone here play GACHA games?

    I played a lot of gachas. But I can quickly quit from them. Since I have zero attachment to them at all. But my personal favorite gachas are DQMSL, Yo-Kai Sangokushi , Touken Ranbu, Another EDEN:The cat beyond time and space, Re: Monster,and Final Fantasy brave Exvius. I obviously don't play...
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    If time was frozen for 24 hours, what would you do?

    Sleep for 24 hours
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    Favourite armor.

    I have a bias towards futuristic armor with little bit of magic mix in.
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    Writing Prompt Reincarnated into the world as an entire zoo

    I read a isekai zoo keeper type of story. Which is "Shiikuin-san wa Isekai de Doubutsuen Tsukuritainode Monsutaa wo Tenazukeru". Now I go to sleep and really stop staying up 2 am in the morning.
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    Writing Prompt The most OP, but absurdly crippling power granted to a character?

    So here's my op skill. It's called Pure humility. In order to get a power boost(2x in all stats)from Pure Humility. You obviously have to be humble to ALL people(even people coming to kill you). The power boost from Pure humility stacks each time you are humble to different person. But if you...
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    Writing Critique My Magic Systems

    I do like the magic system. But how are you going to balance all of this? Like how are you going stop someone using metamorphosis from snapping their fingers. Then splat Your brain is now a pile of goop. -Also what is Kogeki. You already have combat styles. Telling us it's offensive Ambience is...
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    Eternal isekai ?

    Huh, I didn't even know this story existed