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    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? (Author Rant)

    The reader isn't convince of your character's action so-and-so. He doesn't find it plausible. A band-aid method to fix this issue would be to write a paragraph long argument (hopefully not long) as to why your character does what he does in said moment. A word of caution: use it sparingly, only...
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    What Author Would You Like To See Return?

    he has terminal cancer
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    It is done!

    no but i saw god when i passed out
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    Writing Prompts

    Are you asking of premise or practice prompts?
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    It is done!

    I can smell them.
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    Male & Female Psychology in Writing

    If you want to read fiction where men and women are written realistically, then you can only reliably count on the more serious fictions. Best not to expect it from web novels, which're written at their heart for enjoyment sake; usually just of the author's. More depth or truth in a story makes...
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    Sleeping problems `~`

    Coffee or jeopardy. Optimally both.
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    Regional Map for Novel

    This is sort of a tangent but I'd recommend checking out WBC Builds for inspiration for your fantasy world. Their map being set in minecraft has a very interesting format. Like so, (might require some zooming in). I also recommend visiting their discord server, where they talk a lot about...
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    Most used English word.

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    there is the tag list but no list for fandom afaik
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    It's quite well written. The artwork and whoever wrote the story does well in conveying their meaning and emotions. But the premise and plot—its just so bad, unoriginal, and full of clichés. But what it does, which isn't groundbreaking, it does it better than most of its kind. For enjoyment's...
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    Quick question...

    cannon MCs in fanfics
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    How do I describe this?

    hand covered in calluses?
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    Why are there so many russians