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  • Got another chapter of Villainess, Retry! written. It's actually one of the fastest chapters I've written. Over 6k words in five days. Doing that seven-chapter for Villainess [6] beforehand was definitely worth it. Anyway, enjoy the chapter, folks!

    I'm doing better now. Hope the doctor's visit goes well. Anyway, got another installment of Villainess, Retry! done, which means that Villainess [6] section is finally done! Now I can look forward to Villainess 7, which will focus on Janet! Anyway, enjoy the chapter, fellas!

    Had to go to the quickcare today, b/c my blood pressure was pretty high. Turns out, I developed anxiety issues and severe dehydration and had to get an IV stuck in me. I think part of the high blood pressure was due to the dehydration, so I'm making sure to drink plenty of water and getting more rest. The last few weeks (especially the last few days) have been crazy.
    Man, this chapter took longer than I thought, but I here's the next installment of Villainess, Retry! I know I said it was gonna be a 6-chapter overture, but I decided to add one more chapter to this overture a while ago, so it'll be 7 chapters in all. Janet will appear in Villainess 7, I promise!

    Okay, got one more installment of Villainess, Retry! for the month of August. Whew! This was a mad rush to finish the current chapter, but it was worth it. Really liked how it came out. Anyway, enjoy, fellas!

    Okay, I finally posted the next installment of Villainess, Retry! The current chapter turned out much longer than I thought, so I had to cut it short and add in another chapter. It's gonna be a 6-chapter overture, but we only have 2 chapters left of that, so hang tight! Anyway, enjoy!

    I have found the Waffle King!

    It's taken me a while a get this chapter written, but here's another installment of Villainess, Retry! Going full-on detective mode in this chapter! Hope you enjoy!

    I've got a lot of stuff to cover over the next few chapters in the 2nd volume of Villainess, Retry!, so it's gonna be a 5-chapter overture before it gets to Janet's POV, but it'll be worth it, I promise. Anyway, hope you enjoy this next installment in the Prince's POV!

    After 6 months, I'm finally back with the next installment of Villainess, Retry! Feels so good to be back in action with this series! Hope you enjoy!

    June has been extremely busy for me, but I've managed to post another installment of Days of Blood and Roses. Started with much needed edits to the 1st volume of DoBaR, but all that editing burned me out earlier this month. Have been trying to reimagine an old story idea for the rest of this month and hope to get started soon, hopefully.
    I'm on a roll on the editing game. I'm past the halfway mark on editing Volume 3 of Days of Blood and Roses, so expect more updates on this story in the future. Anyway, enjoy the next installment, folks!

    This update has been a long time coming, but since I finished editing Volume 2 of Days of Blood and Roses a few days ago, I'm finally gonna be posting more installments of my dreampunk magical girl epic! Hope you enjoy, fellas!

    Okay, let me clear the air. It's been a while since my last update, b/c April 1st started with a medical emergency that just got resolved earlier last week. I won't say what it is, but it's been crazy this month. I've got no choice but to watch over things like a hawk, so I haven't had much time (or energy) to write much.
    Besides the life stuff, there's another reason I haven't been writing The Late Bird's Tale for half a month: it's because I've decided to switch to a different project, Days of Blood and Roses, and will resume posting installments for it soon. Hopefully. Just hang in there, okay? Life's been crazy recently, but I'm still writing. Just not as much as I used to, but I'm still writing.
    Get well and good luck with your writing.
    Good luck! And I wish you the best!
    Oh man, the last two weeks of this month have been nothing but interruptions but I come to you now with another installment of The Late Bird's Tale: A Tale of the Floating World. This chapter took a weird turn in the 2nd scene of the chapter, so hope you enjoy!

    Sorry for the long way, folks, but I com to you with another installment of The Late Bird's Tale: A Tale of the Floating World. I love these kinds of occult detective-like stories. What about you? Anyway, enjoy!

    Against all odds, I managed to get one more chapter written / posted for The Late Bird's Tale on the last day of February. It was a mad six-day scramble, but I got it done. Hope you enjoy!

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