A Girl's Adventure In A Different World Start's Now!

  • Name: Audriana Takao
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 18
  • Appearance: A young adult with light blond hair that reaches down to her shoulders, soft green eyes, and fair skin. On the day she fell into this world, she wore her school uniform. Her school uniform consists of a blazer, a white dress shirt, mid length skirt, and leather loafers with knee high socks. Additional accessories include a headband and her school bag.
  • Personality: Audriana is a bright eyed girl who loves fun things and wants to experience all the things the world has to offer, though her tendency to rush into things gets her into trouble at times, she shrugs it off with a cheery laugh and continues on her way. The way she acts sometimes negatively affects the people around her and she has lost some important people to her because of this. But these bad experiences have taught her to be considerate of others and take the time to be understanding of others.
  • Backstory: Audriana grew up in a moderately wealthy household so she never really struggled in life or had to work hard for anything, her mother is of Japanese descent while her father is an American man. Hearing stories of her mother growing up in the countryside of Japan fascinated her, the tales of her mother's adventures spurred Audriana's yearning for something she couldn't quite describe. As she grew older she grew interested in Japanese mythology and folklore to the point where she begged her parents to let her visit Japan, she had gone a few times before as a kid with her mother but she couldn't quite remember anything. The year she visited Japan was where she had a lot of memorable moments made, she even brought souvenirs back. Anyways to get to the story of how she ended up in a different world, we would have to go back to the day of Audriana's school field trip. Her school had organized a special trip out to the mountains since the school year was almost ending, after settling down in the lodge the school had rented out, students had the luxury of being able to walk around the arena though they couldn't walk too far away from the lodge and they were to be supervised by a chaperone. Audriana's curious nature had popped up and she managed to sneak away from the chaperone's roaming gaze and she wandered into an area that had been fenced off. The fence had overgrown vines and plant life over it, if it was a restricted area why hasn't it taken care of? Her stupid logic convinced her that everything was alright and so she threw her school bag over the fence first before carefully climbing over the fence next. What she had failed to notice was a sign covered heavily by vegetation that a biohazard symbol on it, why would a school rent out a lodge that was near such a dangerous area? For the beautiful view of course. Audriana quickly picked up her bag, the colorful sights she took in as she made her way through the greenery, she lifted a hand to swat a pesky bug out of her face but she quickly stopped once something caught her eye. It was a glittering blue pond, the water was clear as day and it was surrounded by mesmerizing glowing pants. Various animals and bugs were close to the pond as well but quickly scattered away as Audriana got closer. She couldn't help herself from crouching down and putting her hand into the water to stir it up. The blue water swayed with her movements and a small smile made way on her face, how could such a beautiful place exist? But it wasn't best to stick around anymore, she had to get back before any chaperones noticed that she was missing and she didn't want to worry anyone. Making up her mind, Audriana moved to get up but let out a scream as she felt a force push her forward! She made a splash as she landed in the pond and she stilled for a few seconds but everything registered in her mind, she thrashed around trying to swim upwards but something was pulling her down! She tried to look at what was pulling her down but everything was happening too quickly and she eventually blacked out as she was pulled deeper within the depths, who knew a pond could be that deep? When she opened her eyes she found that she was in another world!

Adventurer's Guild Card​
NameAdelia Anastasia Elizabeth Griwyth
OccupationEmpress Of The Holy Griwyth Empire
GoalMake The Empire a powerhouse throughout the Continent of Parthia and beyond.
Empress Adelia is an attractive young woman with long platinum blonde hair, violet eyes, and pale skin. Dressed in a violet gown full of beautifully sown designs and ruffles, basically the one in the picture.

Family Crest

  • Royal Etiquette
  • Perfected Literacy
  • Networking
  • Divine Clairvoyance
  • Leadership
  • The Four Arts of China
Empress Adelia is a relatively sheltered woman for somebody that's on the throne. And though sometimes she can be a soft hearted person that doesn't mean she'll let people tramp over her. if you choose to mess with her or harm anyone close to her, under that gleefully smile is a woman who isn't afraid to do harm. Empress Adelia loves pastries and all kinds of animals, however, feisty little creatures are her favorite.
The Holy Griwyth Empire has a long and deep history, It's one of the oldest empires on the Continent of Parthia. It had once even united the entire continent. But after the Great War of Freedom, in which numerous kingdoms under Griwyth's banner rebelled, The Holy Griwyth Empire became only one kingdom. Even if half of the kingdoms under Griwyth revolted, The Empire still won the war. The Holy Griwyth Empire confiscated the lands of the rebels and executed every single person that had a role to play in the failed revolution. Emperor Augustus, Adelia's grandfather, who held the throne at the time was furious that his people had rebelled and set out to make an example of the revolutionists. The mutilated bodies of the rebels were hung out of the front gate of the palace and stayed there for days until Emperor Augustus ordered for them to be removed. The main reason behind the Great War is a mystery and historians have been speculating about it for decades. During Augustus's reign, The Empire was in a great state and had no signs of trouble, but people think that was at least on the surface.

Coming back to Adelia's time, she wants to make The Holy Griwyth Empire the powerhouse of the Continent of Parthia, but she doesn't want to unite the continent again though. She wants to avoid a situation like The Great War of Freedom ever happening again. Too many people lost their lives the day the war started, too many innocent people. The Holy Griwyth Empire's first ever royal was said to be blessed by Namus, the god of miracles, and the sun because a divine type of magic is passed through the blood of each royal member. Griwyth's royals divine magic is never the same. Adelia's twin brother Saint Francis has a completely different type of divine magic than her own. Francis was once a royal but had given up his title of a prince to become the saint of Namus's Holy Temple. Different types of religions and deities can be practiced along with worshipped in Griwyth but Namus is the most well known god in Griwyth so he is worshiped the most.

The Holy Griwyth Empire produces well respected healers, physicians, mages, and artisans. Empress Adelia opened many schools for the common people so they could learn and write. She established trade routes with all the kingdoms and empires she could, some even extending off to the nearest continent. The Empire has a big taboo with stuff regarding the undead and dark magic users. These people can come into The Empire but there's no guarantee they'll be safe during their time here.

The Empire is a large landform located within the Continent of Parthia.

Adventurer's Guild Card
NameFrancis Peregrine Wentworth Griwyth
OccupationSaint of Namus's Holy Temple
GoalGain the love and affection of his god
A handsome young man with long blonde hair that reaches his waist, greyish violet eyes, and usually donned in the gold and white Namus Temple priest uniform.
Family Crest

  • Royal Etiquette
  • Peacekeeping
  • Sculpting
  • Herbalism
  • Divine Healing
  • Swordsmanship
Saint Francis is a generous and nice person, never gets angry at anyone, even if you spit in his face he would brush it off with a smile. At least that's the side the public is shown. In private he's a very different person. Self indulgent, bossy, and vain, his servants are thankful to Namus that he hasn't ever physically harmed a servant. He's very irritable, often times yelling at servants who did something as simple as looking in his direction or cleaning Namus's statue too slowly for his liking.
At a very young age, he admired the god Namus. Admiration spiraled into an unhealthy obsession. This obsession turned into some form of 'love'. Usually, trauma would cause something like this but Saint Francis had a very good upbringing. Adelia and he are twins but he was born four seconds earlier than her. This made him heir to the throne. As he grew up he became bothered by all the things demanded of him because he just happened to be born the eldest prince in the royal family. And as soon as he became of age he abdicated his Crown Prince title and passed the throne down to her. Adelia was a better fit for the throne anyways in his opinion, she was smarter and knew how people's minds work. He wouldn't say this about anyone else but his sister. To be closer to his god he became the Saint of The Empire's main and largest temple, Namus's Holy Temple.

Slander against his precious god angers him the most, and to elevate Namus's name he travels throughout the Continent of Parthia using healing potions and herbs to cure plagues, sicknesses, and diseases. Saint Francis knew his Divine Healing could nurse people and cure diseases faster but why should he waste power gifted by his beloved on filthy lowly commoners? Gifts given by his beloved should be honored and valued not to be touched by nasty people.




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