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  • i did notice that adblock plus element blocking is fucked up. it's like every time you tried blocking and adding it to your filters it worked until you refreshed the page. the same annoying shit you want to block will always reappear every time.

    i need to add another element blocker to fix that up, now i'm good.
    apparently lilith in nightmare dev's (circle tekua) also has several games like the prequel: succubus tamer. it has chars from that game in the ending.

    i do like how they have the option for either male and futanari mc. though i feel the futa mc is the canon one.
    from lilith in nightmare's cg set, i see the hcg with mao (the previous game's mc) and she's the girl ver. but i didn't see it in game (along with the succubus form of her friends ilya and rachel), probably cut off from development. kind of a pity since there's a significant amount.
    also, when you pick the futa mc in lilith in nightmare, there's an extra stuff like her mother's memories and the extra scene in the end. it felt like if you pick the male mc it's mostly for immersion.

    there's probably some TL problem which refer to futa mc as a guy, but I guess it's fine.
    been playing a nice hrpg called lilith in nightmare. you can play as a cute futanari named alice.

    tho what hooked me in was the nice story. it's like many of the good authors went to make niche hentai games.

    i've been interested in this game for a while and now i finally cleared it.

    it was a great experience :D

    combat can be easily cheesed with some spells tho, esp mystic meat. the hardest part probably about gathering your party members first before getting all the buffs, but it's manageable.
    i know i can't be friends with them. since, while i don't often eat porridge, i always stir them when i do.
    when i remembered the black swan phenomenon, it's like someone trying to explain how a meme was born in a profound manner.
    If you have at team of lawyers, there's nothing illegal since they're technically a legal team.

    free until september 5th :D

    made another account in Ao3 to post all my work that has nothing to do with gay lolis.

    it's kind of a fresh air to start writing normal stuff for once.

    i'll try to just write everything until it's completed first and edit it later. it's much better than restraining my ideas lest the plotline would be all over the place.
    Yup, I get how you feel.

    I am playing the game of skipping sentences and paragraphs already after the stupid "get your comrades murdered" shit.

    What is preventing me from dropping the book are the crass humor as well as the fact that most of my bookmarks are no longer updating. I spoke too soon about the pirates beating Qidian.

    As for the whole "literature thing", called it, MC is plagiarising... typical CN MC.
    yeah so far I feel CN MC's are the most open about how they plagiarize stuff, especially one from I'm Really a Superstar.

    The story got so infamous it's even banned in China after plagiarizing Disney work iirc.

    To even get banned in China, where a lot of plagiarism is okay, that story's on another level.
    At C155, so many Deus ex Machina.

    Just talking about the MC alone. Toad Boy is Gamakichi, MC somehow able to wield Luck as a weapon and did a fusion dance with the World Spirit.

    Then there is MC's servant, who somehow is able to wield the Heart of Spring Saint, albeit now crippled for life... until he can learn the martial dao from MC.

    Fucking hell.

    Am still reading though.
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