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  • Hearing the other's kind words, Lianna couldn't help but ask: "Am I dead? Is this heaven? Can the fallen also go to heaven?"

    "The door of heaven is always open for anyone, and the fallen are no exception."

       "Where is this place?"


    fuck xD
    i decided to drop the novel i used to enjoy, simply because i can't stand how the author really tried to shove every single minute that the MC is goddamn smart, instead of just showing that he has a working brain.

    this is one thing where i advocate the show, don't tell thing.
    i'm hyped for the rainbox six collab

    so i can turn the control center into the fifth dorm
    "In the end, my love for music…has always been stronger than my fear of failure."

    i think i can use that for my life in general as well, thank you charles berthoud :D
    >My first real job out of high school was working at a music store and one day this teenage kid comes in and plays the hell out of a guitar and my boss, who also play guitar said, "Wow, that was impressive! Do you play in a band?" To which the kid said, "no, not yet, right now I just play with myself." My boss replied, "well that explains a lot."

    yt comments are really a comedy gold mine
    >It is impossible for the shopkeeper to lower the price. He has insufficient money, so Chen Bing left the weapon shop and went to a nearby stationery shop.

    In the stationery store, Chen Bing bought some sharpened pencils.

    that john wick reference

    kudos to the author
    >"Hint: Are you sure to designate'Phantom Axe' as your life sword?"

    >choose a sword
    >picked an axe
    >used the axe as flying sword
    >actually succeed

    that's it, the author is a fuckin' genius xD
    "Insight: You discovered that this unknown creature is pretending to be unconscious."


    Roger gave a calm expression.

    Immediately speaking to himself:

    "what is this?"

    "It looks like..."

    "It's an emergency food."

    The chubby little thing immediately opened his eyes and begged loudly:

    "Don't eat me!"


    "I'm not emergency food!"

    wow, a genshin reference in a chinese novel.

    it's almost unexpected.
    The only one who can defeat Ronaldo can only be Ronaldo, or the existence of surpassing Ronaldo, the rules of heaven cannot directly punish him.

       This is Ronaldo.

    I love this MTL
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