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    Feedback -Quality/Grammar/Plot/Anything

    Thanks for replying. I'll try use some retcons and editing to make the story clearer. I tried do 0 as some kind of introduction to concepts; some kind of prologue, almost unrelated to the story, connecting things to make more sense along the way. There's a few answers to others questions (I'll...
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    Best time to post chapters

    Haha, in the end, it's all up to our own time, balancing RL stuff with writing. A interesting tool is the scheduling of chaps; was really convenient for me sometimes. Personally speaking, I also don't care very much, cause I feel like I would end rushing just to post.
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    Best time to post chapters

    It's relative. Many people from many countries, with different time zones. What I think that can make difference a bit is the day, since we have the chap/week system.
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    Thank you. With people like you, I certainly will.

    Thank you. With people like you, I certainly will.
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    Writing guilde for beginner trolls.

    What heart? The one that is already broken, filled with anguish and sorrow?
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    Writing Prompt Writting Prompt: Naval Battles

    Practically repeating what everyone already said. This kind of thing requires proper research, and presentation since the beginning of the story, specifying the world, logistics, technology, etc. Also, about the "examples of inspiration.", it's relative. You must "look for battles" that matches...
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    Feedback -Quality/Grammar/Plot/Anything

    Just wanting to know if this is the good type of trash, or the bad one If I have to ask one chapter, the 4th. Well, the more, the merrier. Feel free. Thank you for your time.