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    [PSA] Minecraft owners (both Bedrock and Java)

    Mfw I have the switch version :blob_popcorn_two:
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    I offer free feedback. (Closed)

    Thank you very much for the review! :blob_cookie:
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    I offer free feedback. (Closed)

    Done, sorry about that. :blob_cookie:
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    I offer free feedback. (Closed)

    1/9 Well, I suppose I'd like a review now that I have a decent amount of chapters. All I can say to you right now thank you very much in advance. Have a cookie :blob_cookie:
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    I have a very serious question for all of you.

    MILFS. :blob_cookie:
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    Personal writting problem

    I mean, I have the same problem. If it helps, think that you're characters are underage and that will kill the horny.
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    Do you bother favoriting a chapter

    Yes, I do. It is literally the first thing I do if I like a novel.
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    Family reading your stories

    My stories have a lot of degenerate material, so no. They do not know about the specifics, but they do know that I write.
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    How many words are you looking for in a chapter

    It actually depends if you want to gain readers quickly or not. I mean, the minimum amount of words I write for a chapter is 5k, but I know I'm giving up daily releases because of that. The first novel I published here was updated Monday-Wednesday-Friday and each chapter was 2k - 4k, so I...
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    Let's Promote Others

    Frostbird's Realm of Monsters is pretty great! If you like fanfics though, Life in Vain: Jobless Reincarnation is one of the best I've ever read! :blob_sir:
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    Favorite Non Isekai Manga?

    Thank you for blessing me with an image of the Goddess! :blob_sir:
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    Favorite Non Isekai Manga?

    Damn... I only watch or read isekais... If I had to choose one, it would be My Dress-up Darling, since it is the one I'm currently reading/watching. :blob_popcorn:
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    Recommend me a book or an author that has the best writing style.

    Rifujin Na Maganote (Author of Mushoku Tensei). I absolutely love his works! :blob_popcorn:
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    Here's a question for everyone

    The original name of LA is El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de los Angeles de Porciúncula. :blob_popcorn: You're missing an "e" over there.
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    what do you think about the "FICTION STORY FROM THE BRAIN OF 1 PERSON'S AUTHOR"

    God spent most of his time there and then forgot that he still had to write lore for the rest of the world. :blob_popcorn: