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    Writing Isekai MC not reacting to slavery

    Honestly, slavery is usually just a easy means for the MC to build a harem. At least, in most of those stories. In reality, slavery is an issue that one guy can't really do much about. In order to stop slavery, the MC would have to wait till they at least have enough power to take on a kingdom...
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    Writing When Did Stats Become "Not Enough" ? (LItRPG-centered)

    Thats because its in a system run universe. Most of those tend toward actually being cultivation novels, just with a "system" overlay. I've found the novels that stick trur to stats are usually ones where someone gets transported to another world or into a game.
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    Writing When Did Stats Become "Not Enough" ? (LItRPG-centered)

    Stats stopped being enough when the wuxia and xianxua trend hit worldwide. A lot of LitRPGs are trying to include those elements and they just dont mix. Take Ghosthound for example. Ghosthound was an amazing LitRPG, about a man stuck outside the system carving his own path to power. Then the...
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    Does it really take a few hours for the Cover?

    Its not really the quality of the cover that really matters in this case. What matters is that it looks like the author took the time to draw and make their own cover. That says to me that the author cares.
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    Forgotten Title need help remember title

    MMO Pierce Heaven Till It Breaks? MC spends a significant part of the novel underwater grinding a murloc area.
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    About translating Arabic novels

    You know, you could look at Royal Road. It's mostly for original stories, but there are several authors who are doing translations over there.
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    Why did you become the villain?

    Because things like "morality" and "rules" are far too constricting. AND SOMEONE STOLE THE LAST GODDAMN COOKIE.
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    Poll: Are you single

    What is this......relationship.....thing you speak of?
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    how big of a creature can you kill without entering into illegal territory?

    If nobody saw it happen, whos to say it did?
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    Only Slightly Insane

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    Writing Prompt The Isekai'er that didn't get a job change

    The lazy dude on the late night shift at the grocery store stocking shelves has to save the world.......
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    An Immoral novel

    I'm not too sure about this one. I'm fine with the incest, but the terrible grammar in the summary has me scared.