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    name ideas?

    Muttered Prognostications Named to Die The Hero Said That I Would Die!? I dunno I'm kinda dum. Focusing on the unusual elements of your story is probably a good idea tho.
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    Looking for a novel with a menace as a mc.
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    Iq test

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    Everything can lactate

    i would drink milk milk, and use the excess to create milk milk milk and so on for infinite milk. I can then sell the milk milks and dominate the milk industry and never have to pay for milk ever again
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    Writing I NEEED your opinions. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

    It's ok. There should be no problem with the tag. There are some things that I feel could be improved tho. I get where the tragedy is, but it's not set up at all. It's hard to sympathize with a tragic event that happened to some characters that I was just introduced to. Take some time to set up...
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    Writing Prompt Writing Prompt #1 ~

    Japanese conglomerates iirc
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    4th Wall Break in novels

    Comics have been doing 4th wall breaks for a while! For example, superhero comics have characters like Deadpool, Gwenpool, She-Hulk, Mister Mxyzptlk, and others. If you want specifically manga, 100 Girlfriends, Deadpool Samurai, Gintama (haven't read the manga so unsure), many author...
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    Satanist All-girls School

    Looking at modern satanism it's probably just gonna be a normal school Maybe they serve babies for lunch?
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    What do you think about Inc*st?

    In fiction it's eh, not really something I care about. In real life? Vomit inducing.
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    Isekais that makes the isekai part not matter. The mc either forgets or completely throws away their Earth morals, knowledge, and upbringing faster than Professor Zoom can jerk off the Flash. One of the unique things that isekais provide is an Earth perspective on the things that go on in...
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    Have You Realized...

    Yes, and? Pretty much everything is a speck of dust compared to the universe.
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    What would you consider to be fun?

    Assuming that I have functionally infinite money I would just do whatever. Read books, try out restaurants, try different hobbies, donate to charity, start a business, whatever seems fun and not economy-breaking. Maybe try to convince the government there to label the whole country as one city.
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    Can you appreciate a story without identifying yourself to the MC ?

    Yea. I don't read stories to roleplay, I read stories to immerse myself in another person's story. I actually find it difficult to self insert myself into an mc, even if I see similarities with myself.
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    Recommendations Looking for a kingdom-building novel

    Read it until I got bored at the 800s. Is it worth it to finish? Also, thanks! Thank you!