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    Is all this just a waste of time?

    Was that "professional editor" The novel ninja? Don't listen to him. He is a stupid fucking twat. Ever notice that none of his own writing is published on the site or even linked to his name? Its because he wont back up his words with his writing. He is incompetent and doesnt know what the fuck...
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    patreon is the best platform and theyre based
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    So What Do You Guys Listen To While Writing?

    Stephen kings biography on repeat
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    a column for books with more than 20 chapters.

    "I want this feature" "here is this feature" "this feature is too much work I don't want this feature"
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    A guy who eats monsters - choose your MC! xD

    Cook it and make it advanced too
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    He erased time and leapt past it

    He erased time and leapt past it
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    Agreed with Discount_Blades advice, he is a man of superior culture

    Agreed with Discount_Blades advice, he is a man of superior culture
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    Can Someone Tell Me Why This Doesn't Work?

    My reactions: I won't give proscriptive feedback. That said, if I were to write this, I would start with the character in the room and the clock at 30 or 15 or something. I would use dialogue to write that entire first half of the chapter, the character explaining how they got there, maybe to...
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    How do you write a Smart MC if you're lazy and stupid?

    A big part of how the audience perceives your characters is how other characters react to them. Like Jason Asano from HWFWM. The MC really isn't smart at all, but he seems like it for a while because of how everyone in all these scenes says "wow he is really smart."
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    Knowing the system [litRPG]

    its because its very easy to write exposition as the MC exploring the system or it being explained. There are tons of examples of litrpg where the MC knows the system, some more recent ones being Blessed Time(CoCo_P) and Kairos(void herald) I'm currently reading an eastern novel called the world...
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    Writing What time periods do you think are underused as settings?

    I'm going to write one where its from the POV of a civilization that has just been invaded and are being rapidly accelerated in technology. Like theyre medieval but a fantasy race conquered them to run a train line thru