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    Your Favorite Chapter To Write

    as in a scene or as in a full chapter as a favorite? if the second, probably ch 50 of Okane, ita was something i wanted to write for like 2 years. the "villain's POV" since the General Demon of two horns was mostly constructed by impresions from others and from a couple of actions, it was fun to...
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    Anyone consider writing a Chaotic Neutral/True Neutral MC?

    Click at my signature and check out my novel, My MC is basically a representative of true neutral
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    Dice Test

    !roll 1,20
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    Deleted I reincarnated as a busty elf

    Mine is also there D: While i find the fact nobody asked permission annoying. My real problem with the site is the fact they put a paywall and are making more money of it than me... The report button takes +18 content or problems with the translation Not too sure if they would tale it down or...
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    Share your stories Makoto, an abnormally cunning and shrewd 25 years old businessman, its obsessed with True Life Online (TLO), an MMORPG he knew because of a mysterious advertising. As a player he took the merchant path, a low stats class...
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    How much you went all out to create your story?

    I go with the Dark Souls approach. I worked out a very complex world, but since MC isn't from there, but is pretending he is, doesn't dig too deep. So he and the reader learn about the world step by step. After connecting the dots you see the big picture (the reader has the advantage thanks to...
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    Recommendations Villainess Reincarnation / Transmigration Stories

    Did you scanned for something in the villainess-noble-girls tag? If you don't, I suggest it, most of the top 20 or so have some or all the points you 're looking for. Some have some minus tho
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    Feature Request A Summary Option For Each Chapter?

    Pretty much. I second that. For anyone looking for a specific chapter, titles should do the work just fine.
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    Your first Novel SHOULD Suck

    If you start writing and immediately keep thinking of every mistake you made, all those bad things, you may forget the good ideas and the like. Even at my oldest shot at writing, I find good and even cool things, if I didn't think that, I wouldn't have writed it in the first place. I'm sure...
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    Writing in First Person Before Switching to Third

    I prefer 1st POV for day-to-day chapters by far. The best way to get in characters head is see through their eyes. It's also pretty good in some situations, in action scenes sucks tho
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    Foreshadowing / Omens

    My novels are basically made of foreshadowing. The prologue is way ahead, like, arc two is ending and is still ahead. Then you have pieces of MC's plan all over the path to climax in both arcs.
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    What’s your origin story?

    Who? I also come from NU btw
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    I need an advice

    Pretty much the case. now you're gonna get some new views/readers with each release, for as long the new chapters stay at latest updates, which are like 3 hours most of the times. If you get to trending you will see a new surge of views for as long your story is there.
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    Feature Request previous chapter

    I approve of this request and support it!
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    So You Have Powers Now Huh?

    Absolute gravity+ spacial awareness (feeling gravity from all matter): Unlimited and unrestricted control of gravity in all forms. The key part is "control" since with that One of my characters is basically omnipotent, I want the same? xD