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    As an author, how do you plan out your stories?

    Concept. Then ending. Rest is optional. Then wing it.
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    How do you come up with funny stuff for your story?

    Write enough terrible jokes and eventually you'll end up funny. At least, that's the plan.
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    Writing What is the biggest mistake a novice writer makes while writing a story?

    Ignoring the basic writing rules when starting/learning to write. If you begin with a solid idea of proper grammar, structure and dialogue then you are starting on a plateau high above the rest. This doesn't mean focus on them until they're publisher level, but please don't ignore the basics...
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    Writing Prompt

    LIGHT! Light. LiGht? LIghT! LigHt. Light, LiGhT, LiGht, LigHT. Zap.
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    How do you let your character succeed his first trial?

    You've clearly never played dungeons and dragons. Seduce the trial. Seduce everything.
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    Is it okay to post sensitive stuff but only the link?

    Public meaning anyone can see it, novels and forums etc. But things like private messages between accounts I don't see why that would be an issue. It's a matter of liability and public image for them.
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    Is it okay to post sensitive stuff but only the link?

    Posting it on the public sections is definitely a no. Using private messages and other non-public stuff I assume would be the way to go. I have said in "illegal" parts that aren't shown, if I have something written for it, people can feel free to add me on discord and i'll post there if they...
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    Writing Ever Write a Boring-ass Protagonist?

    To me, there are three main layers to the protagonist puzzle. Basic story, advanced character development and then advanced story. The passive vs. active part is only basic story, but I find it most common because it is the first step and one people often overlook. Identifying where your protag...
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    Writing Ever Write a Boring-ass Protagonist?

    I think the role of a boring protagonist is almost always caused by them being a passive protagonist. They might have boring sounding hobbies or personality traits, but the main way a story attracts reader interest is the plot. The story and plot are something that should be pushed forward and...
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    What's the best time to publish a chapter?

    Consistently. Having a schedule would be the best way to allocate posting times.
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    Where does everyone get their cover art?

    Seduce an artist with sweet yuri. Or else ask artists if you can use their works, a lot of the time many of them are fine with it.
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    What is your comfort food?

    Toasted cheese and peanut butter sandwhich.