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    The Poem Depository

    set a fire - little swan true heart's desire hides the dawn and timbre sounds in black and grey speak nothing of the present day where arc and fire and steely clash remind us of a poet's ash and miser's hair and fingertips leave nothing but a father's lips to kiss the little swan goodnight...
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    The Day You Became A Decent Writer

    Still working on the acceptable part, but I do know that my writing from years ago is cringe worthy now. Hopefully that means progress.
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    Writing How to Make Conversation Between 3+ People Less Repetitive?

    Well, even with multiple people there is rarely an even distribution of dialogue between all three that goes in an A - B - C pattern. Back and forth and two people talking is still a thing and there will always be those who carry the conversation and people who are just adding in things and...
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    Writing Do you need incredible vocabulary to construct a good story?

    Hemmingway says no. But for normal people, probably wouldn't hurt?
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    Things you like to do before writing?

    Drink heavily.
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    What would you name a snake?

    Sir. Noodles, or else Mr. Squiggles.
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    Only Slightly Insane

    Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You remind me of my mother." "I'm not your mother." "No. You're not. But you could be mistaken for her." "By who?" "Does it...
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    For the authors who introduce their characters, why you do that?

    I find introducing a character is a shortcut, one which people may take for different reasons. You remove the potential to show who they are when you tell people what they are meant to be like. Granted, sometimes the story might not need strong characters or people might not care, but from a...
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    Why do all the yuri novels seem to be gender-bender?

    I honestly don't know. I think what Myrane said makes sense. I just write gender-bender stuff and I also love yuri so it just seems natural to me.
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    If someone wrote a romance story 'bout two cute traps (male) does it count as BL?

    Ah, I feel that pain. I think that's why it took 3 years before i even told my therapist about things. Well, they are there to judge you but not as a person. They judge what you tell them along with what they see, because there are things you cannot see in yourself, while they are trained to do...
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    If someone wrote a romance story 'bout two cute traps (male) does it count as BL?

    Well, there is a certain amount of interpretation here. It is ironically not black and white, but I find it helps to think of dysphoria as the main indicator. My view on things is not exactly the more lenient narrative people have about extra genders and such, so I would say without a medical...
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    If someone wrote a romance story 'bout two cute traps (male) does it count as BL?

    Couple of things. It has already been established that cross-dressing doesn't change the tags for Boys love or Girls love etc. That is a fetish, not a legitimate gender. It does grey the lines, and sexually the interpretation is up to the reader. It can feel more like two girls than boys, or the...
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    Writing Please help me, how to become a good writer

    Step 1: Read. Read everything you can. The more writing that passes through your brain the better. Ideally you would also not just read the story if wanting to be a writer, but read into the story and how it's written. But, just increasing how much literature goes through your brain and into you...