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    Writing Prompt You are a scam merchant doing your thing

    shoot, I should changed my location to New Delhi before posting that.
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    Writing Prompt You are a scam merchant doing your thing

    the best scam artist would always sell hope and dreams and would never peddling their product at the same place twice. it doesn't matter what i sell, what matter is : if it's what a customer wants, then i have it. see a cat lover that always being avoided by animal? sell them a perfume made...
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    Writing Prompt Five people have gone missing, the police can’t find anything. You, a private investigator, were hired to find them. Your first clue is in a cemetery.

    After I noticed the guy who standing alone in front of a tombstone I proceed to check, or at least pretending to check all the tombstone around him. after that I casually approaching the guy and standing by his side. the guy of course noticed me and turn his head around to my direction, to which...
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    Any suggestions on novels with badass mc?

    i can only think of saikyou juzoku tensei, although i don't know if the mc would fit to your badass criteria.
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    What the hell is litRPG?

    have you ever hear this old novel series called Goosebumps? it's a young adult horror novel book famous at America in the 90s, eachvolume of the books has nothing to do with the others despite having the same goosebumps tittle (we calling it oneshots nowadays) and some of the novel title has...
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    What the hell is litRPG?

    to be fair, some fandom stuff definition aren't described well by google. most of it are described in a way like reference book for highschooler/college student. I stop asking a fandom definition to google since I search about tsundere definition once, I search at forum, urban dictionary, or...
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    Writing AI characters is the best novel about AI I ever read. the author depict the AI not as something flawless or hilariously flawed. but simply as an intelligent being within another spectrum. they do think, confused, having problem with...
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    Coolest weapon names

    one of my countrymen drew this, and he named this gun Pistol the joke is lost in translation, because it's basically a word pun by combining gun+pen*s in my country language.
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    Your Pickup Lines

    "I saw the title of the book you read the other day, so I look it up and try to read it. It was interesting"
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    What is one thing you would tell people if you time traveled 100 years to the past?

    I would tell people left and right that i'm an oracle who could see the future civilization. i would tell people that there would be great famine in ukraine, jews massacre in germany, then mass bombing in japan. i also would tell people that machine could think in the future, just like Alan...
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    Writing A co-author, but I don't care

    if you don't care then just be the ghostwriter
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    International hates

    when someone made an aesthetic and delicious looking pizza and then he just had to put pineapple as the final topping
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    Can this even work? Math as the main theme

    I only read the first chapter, but I'll tell you what I think. Yes it could work, but not like this IMO What was those equation, trigonometric? Algebra? I don't really pay attention since I skip those calculation stuff. I don't know why you choose the most boring theme in math, but if you...
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    i just want to increase my luck stat. as in if i play gacha games, then i would guaranteed to get the character i wanted in just 10 big pulls or so (instead of lots of reroll and lamenting) but i want it mostly for my real life tho, i can always reroll or just make do with available character...