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    Zombies Still Can Be Cool

    He thinks he is a normal human though, it’s also not revealed that he’s actually a zombie either. The reader is completely oblivious to this fact. It was intended to be a comedy with gore and some horror I guess.
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    Zombies Still Can Be Cool

    About a year or two ago I attempted to write one. It was called Z High and it was going to be a high school of zombies but the catch was the MC was a zombie with awareness but everybody else he just treated as if they were idiots(banging their heads against desks, kid with his head facing back...
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    I occasionally go about some methods of hacking into stuff in a more realistic manner in some of my stories using the overarching theory behind certain techniques, but to go into the knitty gritty just wouldn’t work in practice for a fiction. Imagine posting the source code for a program in a...
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    Hacking? Just use social engineering because that’s more what hacking is really about these days. The greatest vulnerability to exploit these days are humans rather than the systems themselves. Stuff like SQL injection won’t cut it these days since people introduced character limits on input...
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    Porting Over A Series

    People... still use Tumblr? I thought the mythical Tumblr users had all gone extinct. This is the most shocking news I’ve heard all week. Omicron, who cares about that? We’ve found a bloody extinct species. This should be plastered all over mainstream media. Seriously though, who’s still using...
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    Site pirating books from Scribblehub

    The first attempt at a novel I ever tried writing and publishing online was in 07/2015 on blogger and it cannot be found anywhere. It has been forever wiped from the canals of history, never to be remembered. It was available on the web for like 4-5 years, but I went and deleted it when I...
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    How to get back into writing fast?

    Read a different long story you haven’t read yet that really hooks you and replenish your creative juices with it. That’s how it happened for me after three months of mindlessly watching GTA RP on twitch every day without writing anything.
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    I had a nightmare one time about getting 1 star review brigaded on Amazon/Goodreads, people trying to extort me for money to get them to change the reviews to positive(which is actually a real thing that happens on Amazon and Goodreads). Then there was this other time where I had a dream where I...
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    Authors who chose a name with a particular meaning for their MC/s, what is it and why?

    Funnily enough the MCs in my stories typically get random meaningless names while other characters get names I put a bit of effort into thinking up.
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    Interesting Experience at School today

    You obviously haven’t read one of the greatest abominations to ever grace this planet I’ve written. Letting readers ask you questions and having your story revolve around answering those questions no matter how stupid they may be is a mistake to say the least. It’s ironic as it relates to...
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    Interesting Experience at School today

    I never got in trouble once in high school or university. That being said... my sanity points are probably in the negatives still. But damn, do schools these days use keyloggers or something to flag students with suicidal thoughts? If they do, good thing I never used school computers for...
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    Feature in my new novel I'm working on

    I just had some flashbacks to university where there was an anime club I always secretly wanted to join but never did because I was a lazy cheap bastard and didn’t want to pay a $5 membership fee(annually, not even monthly lol) Apparently there is an anime constitution for the club now lmao...
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    Does Time Matters?

    Yes, views can fluctuate from day to day because of trending. You do not get to be on trending two days in a row(there are rare exceptions where you do which I’ve noticed but those are pretty rare. Never will you be on trending three days in a row.) Another factor that leads to diminishing...
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    Does Time Matters?

    The spikes are just them making it to trending or when they posted a chapter.
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    Novel websites comparison

    The way views work on WN is based upon the length of the chapter. So for example let’s say the base words/view is 250. If you have a chapter that is 1000 words long, as soon as someone so much as opens that chapter 4 views get added. If the chapter is 10000 words long you get 40 views instantly...