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    What if ... Genghis Khan Invaded the Future?

    What makes people think he’d employ the same tactics he did in the past? What if he sees and acknowledges he’s outmatched then adapts to the times? He could employ the oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer but in a modern way. He comes with an army of followers, right? If they adapted and...
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    What do you really want to become?

    I want to become a ghost.
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    Wrong type of apocalypse

    Just surround your entire land with an artificial river. Vampires can’t cross running water. Edit: Just realized, this would basically be Owari no Seraph. What if you combined Owari no Seraph with Shingeki no Kyojin and replace the wall with a river? I feel like this would probably sell pretty...
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    First Chapter is a Turn-away?

    Maybe I’m just weird, but when I used to read all day everyday, I’d actually prefer never reaching the end of a story. I’d just binge everything up to what was released then move onto the next story. Typically never to return to it. Reaching a conclusive end to a story always felt either...
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    Anything bad happened to you today?

    Get a new SSD(assuming your OS is on SSD) if it’s only been a month since it’s last happened. It’s probably failing. The worst case will be if cylinder 0 on your SSD goes altogether where the MBR is. Good luck at that point installing any OS when that happens. At least in my case it made the...
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    How would you write God?

    A struggling to pay rent in “Heaven” cynical life counsellor who’s sick of their job giving shitty life advice to mortals.
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    Are you in top 25% of inteligent people.Why do you think so.(experiences,otherCallingYouInteligent/dumb,habbits,intrests,success/failure in something)

    I am the embodiment of all that is stupid. The avatar of stupidity. The last of the Stupid Benders. I am a man who freely bends and twists stupidity to levels unheard of in the history of mankind. Constantly pushing the envelop of what encompasses an idiot, far beyond the unseen boundaries of...
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    Overused weapons types

    Dildos, most underated weapon. Need more dildo mains plz.
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    How to write 1D characters

    You haven’t truly mastered the art until you create a zero dimensional character. Characters that are just there in the background. Why they’re there? You don’t know. What do they look like, no idea. What do they do? Your guess is as good as mine. What are they like? Nothing, they just exist...
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    Describe/introduce yourself in five words

    Heartless bastard, gives no fucks.
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    Any good sentient NPC novel?

    I guess you could say one of my series is like that, at least he’s trying to find a way to go against the code. I AM NPC69. In the process of writing the second volume for it but it’s still a while away from being done. As for whether people think it’s good or not, no idea.
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    Perhaps I will go on hiatus and finish book one

    I'd say the timing of your releases are more related to your view count on your most recent chapter(like really the most recent was a Sunday at 4:00 AM? wtf lol.). I believe a lot fewer readers actually read on a release-by-release basis. Also, a lot of people who have added a story to their...
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    Is all this just a waste of time?

    If writing itself was never fun for you, you shouldn't have ever taken it up let alone set your end goal as being traditionally published. The people who get traditionally published are those with the passion and drive to walk through hell and back. If you came into it half-heartedly without it...
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    Is all this just a waste of time?

    You’re putting your story on too high a pedastal. Putting all your eggs in one basket. All your hopes and dreams into one thing. Simply put, you’re setting yourself up for a more devastating failure by trying to run away from failure to begin with. Failure is a natural part of writing and...
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    Has anyone at all been able to avoid procastination (who used to procastinate alot)

    Well when I was in middle school I didn’t get a single award by graduation. I’d become a hardcore gamer, playing COD4 through MW2 all day everyday and I associated with what people would consider the bad apples(smoked, did drugs, cock slapped you accross the face if you fell asleep first when...