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    I’m tired of changing myself to conform with society’s norms.

    Slaughtering children is inefficient. The true way is to brainwash them and then, finally making them our subservient slaves and ask them to kill other children. Works best as a scapegoat too.
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    Preferred Chapter Length

    The way I see it, unless it is too short or too long, the readers don't really care about the length. 2k average is for me rather than my readers. Just good enough for me to finish up in one night.
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    Re-editing the entire, published chapters.

    When you write something from scratch, re-read it like a million times, of course it will get boring. That's why we have cooldown timers, leave a work for like weeks/months before you go in and edit it.
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    The Adventum Contest

    Probably not going to join as I'm not really interested in the themes presented. Rather do my own story. Good luck to those participating though.
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    In your opinion, which is the best writing web editor?

    By far, the best one that I've used is Autocrit. Not only does it checks for simple grammar, it checks and list down all your verb tenses past or present or future(the only software that I know that actually does this), list down all of your filter words, list down every fragmented sentences...
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    How do yo develope a character withing being boring to readers?

    One of the easiest methods I like to use is to show the character doing something that he/she couldn't do in the past. Another method like to use is to show a character finding/accepting his/her flaws and making her either try to play around it, plan around it, or use it to his/her advantage or...
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    Which is better buying games from steam or having physical copies of the game?

    If it's a console then physical copies. If it's PC games, then digital mostly. But that's cause the physical copies are retardedly hard to find and are very expensive.
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    MMO Races

    Catgirls and loli's duh.
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    What is your definition of success for your novel?

    I dunno bout success, but I consider a work as a failure when literally nobody reads your latest chapter. I'm talking like 10 views at most after 1 week of updating. Happened to one of my series actually. Nobody read it, might as well end it and start writing another one. My current two stories...
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    Editing How do you know when to stop editing?

    I just go through two revisions and that's about it. One simple one and one a more thorough one. If I have the time maybe I'll go a third time after letting it rest for a few weeks. I consider readable as good enough. We have a schedule to follow and at some point, you are better off using...
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    Posting your Novel in Qidian Webnovels. Why and Why Not?

    I mean why not? Ignoring the shady owners, the readers are legit. The only thing about webnovel is that, they censor the word patreon and the links to patreon, but there are ways around that. Honestly speaking its a pretty good place to get more exposure. Plus, it's better for you as the...
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    Anniversary Competition Result + Future Competitions

    Congratulations to all winners! Everone is a winner!
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    What's the best time to publish a chapter?

    The best time to post is last week. The second best time to post is now. Jokes aside, I don't know if there even is a best time to post. If you post when things are slow, nobody is awake to see it. If you post when things are going fast, you get like very little exposure, so really just post...
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    Authors, Please Always Reply To Comments As Much As You Can!

    I used to just reply to all the comments, but eventually, I realised I'm just clogging up the comment sections. So now I just give a hug to the first commented and comment here and there. Also any spoiler related question I don't answer or comment coz obvious.