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    Congrats @AliceShiki @binarysoap ! :blob_reach:
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    So you can't published explicit writings nowadays.

    People are too sensitive nowadays. Sheez.
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    No licking

    No licking
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    Would you hire an editor for a webnovel?

    I am not too bothered by that. Most editors will ask what you want and try to adapt to your style. Line editors for example changes only the wording to make the sentence easier to read/clearer,making sure you using the right words to convey a message. Plus, most of them edit using track...
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    Would you hire an editor for a webnovel?

    Depends on the level of editing I guess. Proof readers maybe I'll hire once I have enough chapters loaded up. You can get one for pretty cheap. But for more serious works, and depending on my budget, I will go for a Line Editor, but only for stories that I have conpleted and tweaked to the best...
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    Your Favorite Non-Fiction?

    Most of the non fiction books I read is those blogging websites and games/movie reviews. Do those count? Oh right, recipe books and those For dummies book are also among my favs.
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    Fish draws! (Blobs and actual art)

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    Last Chance for NSFW Short Story Contest - Win $100, A publication, and a scene/character from your story drawn by an illustrator.

    I didn't find out about this contest until recently. I wouldn't have minded joining actually, but Erotica is simply not my thing and by then there was only 2 days left. Sorry to hear this. But here's hoping your next endeavour would be better.
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    Movies in Alphabetical Order

    Zootopia (2016)
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    Scribbly Anniversary Competition

    Looks interesting, just want some clarification. Does stories with shared universe counts? Like stories aren't related to each other, but there are terms that I use for both of the story. Like the name of a race and the name of skills etc. Is it allowed that I gain monetary benefit during the...
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    GoogleDocs writers - how to organise story chapters?

    I have different folders and documents for each chapters and parts of the story. One excell sheet for character designs. One excel sheet for glossary. One doc for the premise + major plot points. One doc for the whole story codensed into small plot points. One doc for each chapter. (Labeled...
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    No Face, No Life - Arrived! <3

    Gratz. :blobthumbsup: :blob_reach: :blob_reach: :blob_reach:
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    Writing Animals in Fantasy

    Adding to what others have said, I give you an example. Final Fantasy 13. They created a name for everything new which confuses the players from the very beginning. They have their own creature name and they even call the gods in that world differently. So you have people talking with...