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    are authors actually Dumb?

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    why many authors drop their stories which is still in its beginning.

    It's quite easy to start a story, you mostly just do worldbuilding and don't have to worry that much about the story but as it drags on there comes a time when you have to do it. Some people can't get past that. But I haven't dropped a story yet, so wouldn't know, might have if I didn't have my...
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    Writing with Dyslexia?

    I do, I can't imagine writing without current grammar and spelling technology lol Seems to be working out for me XD
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    What is more important, plot or character?

    Going by my own experience I would say that characters are secondary to the main premise of the story. Look at how LitRPGs are popular and tell me that people read those for the strong characters. But I guess that depends on your genre, I think that depending on what you are writing it changes...
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    What is the most perfect scumbag you have known?

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    What is the most perfect scumbag you have known?

    Probably someone with a superiority complex that by default judges other people to be below him.
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    What do you think of “Show, don’t tell” rule?

    As someone that has been bombarder with 'Show don't tell' reviews and still has been fairly successful, I don't think much of it xD
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    Synopsis and authors

    I guess I put in something that the reader might find interesting as its what the novel is about xD?
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    Any Personal Quirks/Kinks Made It to Your Writing?

    Yes, all the big booba waifus. :blob_cookie:
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    Bunch of portrait arts for SHrpg

    Joking aside, yeah I'm probably one of the more popular authors on the site, but not the best nor most popular xD
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    Bunch of portrait arts for SHrpg

    Just the most famous author on the site! :blobspearpeek:
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    Wuxia by a western author

    I'm writing a Xianxia with a westerner MC in it. Think the biggest thing about them would be 'face' and how everything is kind of based around it in xianxia type novels.
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    Do you listen to some musics while writing?

    I need to have music, I can't focus otherwise lol
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    Bunch of portrait arts for SHrpg

    Damn, I'm looking smug :blob_happy: How do you not know the great me? Reeeeeeeeeee :blob_thor:
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    Your Almost-Titles

    The Runesmith was supposed to be called Rune Emperor at first if I remember correctly, but that sounded too much like some kind of xianxia xD