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    Which one is better?

    Okay okay, first of all, this is amazing, the first one in particular. Next I’m curious, just like the guy above. I recognize the font to be from Campfire, but did you use photoshop or something similar to outline and decorate the actual map?
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    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    Oh, oh, oh this is a very good idea. I’d use a different number, considering I’ve already established the .5 as a side concurrent and related story. Thanks I’ll definitely be using this
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    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    @flucket Thanks man! So I've reuploaded everything, while also making some important minor changes. I feel that the best time for me to do the reworking of the old ones is either when I finish my current arc, or when I'm done with the entire story, and to be honest I'm really leaning towards...
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    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    And thinking about it now, you're right @flucket . Alright, I'm just going to stick with my guns. After all of this is done and my first sort of "volume" is complete, I'm going to go back and edit it, just like @RedPanda said. I'll figure it out. Thanks everyone for your replies.
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    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    Thanks @flucket! I'm really embarrassed that you remember that old mess up of mine (And this upcoming mess up too, which is an absolutely spectacular super yikes). So on your numbered points. 1. I would do this for some minor changes such as dialogue choices or setting descriptions, but...
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    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    Thanks guys for your responses! But I guess I kind of misworded my question. I’m 100% keeping the chapters I already have. I’m gonna build upon them on a separate file. I kind of meant in the Scribblehub sense of delete. As in completely remove the chapter on the site and reupload it. The main...
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    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    also I’m writing on mobile so please excuse formatting ugliness :)
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    Re-publish + Add Chapters or Delete

    Hey everyone So I’m kind of an extremely amateurish writer, and someone who gets pretty butt-hurt if I find something I don’t like in my previous chapters. Recently I’ve felt that something was off about my current writing, and found that I was extremely unhappy with how I handled the beginning...
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    Critique Partner? :D

    Hey yo hey hey. I'd be willing if you'll have me. 'Cause I've heard about the benefits of having an Accountability/Reading partner. And I've been wanting a critique partner for some time as well (actually for a really long time, but eh) How about it? :D
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    Advice thread on Writing LN and Webnovels

    Whoa, this is actually really interesting! I think I might just have to pick up your book. But, seeing as I'm busy at the moment, I can't :(
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    Writing Prompt And what showed up in the summoning circle was....

    A trash can. The legendary beholder of the puppet of unending anger and fury. A puppet of who many of children were taught to fear. Yes, the mage has indeed summoned the all-powerful god: Oscar the Grouch
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    The reason/or inspration behind one of your proudest works?

    Oh wow, everyone has really interesting comments about how they've gotten their stories. Meanwhile here's me, still abusing the tactic I've had since I was a kid: Utilizing fanfiction. Ever since I was a kid I'd see a bunch of stories and be like, "that's cool" and then stuff the ideas into my...
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    How long should a regular chapter be?

    Y'know in all honesty, writing in five hundred words sounds way harder than writing two thousand. I personally do go for the 2k threshold, and that usually comes naturally to me. But five hundred? Honestly, that sounds like a skill.
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    Writing Usage of a "nickname" in the narrative (different PoVs)

    Hey all! To clarify, I wanted to know what people's opinions are on using a "fake name" in the narrative. Say there's a character named Sarah, and she introduces herself to other people as Rah (or whatever I fail at spontaneous names), because she's an incredibly cautious person and only uses...
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    Feedback for a new story please :)

    And if I may, this was probably the most eye-opening advice I've gotten. Thanks sleepingfox! I've made a couple edits, but it's getting pretty late here, so I'll look over the full thing tomorrow.