[*]EXP:3410; Level 6 GP: 460 Meal Tickets: 52
(Needs to do rank up quest to power up)

[*]Name: Letianna Orgalla
[*]Gender: Female
[*]Race: Human
[*]Age: 16
[*]Class: Scholar
[*]Appearance: View attachment 1913
[*]Personality: Curious, Wise-For-Her-Age, Calm-Headed most of the time.
[Backpack: Mysterious Backpack]
1x Set of formal wear, 1x Set of outdoor wear, 1x Set of everyday wear, 1x Ancient book left by her deceased Grandfather, 1 Knife for cooking and self defense,
1 Lb of washed rags
Clay Bottle 1x
Herb slime 1x
IOU from Myria
[*]Skills: [Late Stage Novice Research+: Learn and remember 15% more in the same time]
[Late Stage Novice Scholar+: Having read some of the more well known books, other scholar types will feel familiarity with her due to common interests]
[Love of Learning: Her love of learning has caused her to leave her families home]
[Survival skills(Early Novice): To survive in the wild, though she learned most if not all the information from books](+ from second hand knowledge listening to adventurers) (+learning from luna) (+experience from slime raid)
[Intermediate+ Cooking: Due to being more an introvert, she often cooked away her time since their was not much other to do than what she loved to do, learning]
[File Organizing Late Stage Intermediate Files 75% faster + 20% Efficiency]
[Speed-Reading Basics+ - Read and Retain 10% more words 10% faster]
[Basic+ Mana Sensory]
[Basic+ Mana manipulation{internal}]
[Basic+ Mana meditation]
[Housekeeping(washing clothes, sweeping, cleaning dishes, cleaning windows, candle maintenance, floor washing) - Early Novice]
[Childcare - Middle Stage Basics+]
[Sewing - Basic]

[Basic Lightbulb]
[Basic Energy Transfer]
[Basic Heal] - small cuts/bruises, close medium wounds (though agitation will reopen them)
[Initiate Mana Sight]

[Brewing Tea - Basics+]
[Fresh Faced Nurse (Early Novice) - Treats small wounds and ailments, Basic salves and medicine compounding, Basic knowledge of Bandaging and treating medium wounds, Feeding/Cleaning Patients that cant do it themselves, Able to help patients retrain weakened limbs to regain control of them.]

Levels - (Each level has Early, Middle, and Late stage - +'s mean they are on the edge of being upgraded)
Full Master
Once Upon A Tonia

[Abilities]: Ever since leti pushed herself at Gelderholm, then during the slime raid, and the training in between, she has as much stamina as a typical foot soldier, she's still training though.

Right now she plans on learning how to fight to defend herself


"That book is just a pipe-dream our family has kept for generations! The only reason why we've kept it is because of tradition!" My father scolded me before continuing "Don't chase that worthless dream anymore, How many generations researched the book, and at most we've on;y translated 1 page, out of 1000!"

I shook my head "I know I can feel it! I can do it!" I was on the verge of backing down with a few tears in my eyes but I felt like I had to go on an adventure to learn more! to learn more about the world, to learn more about why grand-father told me that I had a chance!

"Thats~!" When I held up a token from my grandfather my father was shocked "I'll uncover BOTH the secrets of the world and the secrets of this book!"

I had already started running away clutching my amulet as my father and 2 of his bodyguards chased after me, at last when they almost captured me I accidentally scratched my hand somehow and both the book and amulet shined.

"Fresh Grilled Pig! Fresh Grilled pig here!" Street-Vendors hawked their ware as I looked around when I felt my back gained some weight to discover a bag I've never owned before filled with 3 sets of my clothes and some currency like thing.

  • Name: Tom Ritagald
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 23
  • Appearance:
  • Personality: Strategic and Logical, with a large dose of caring and a tid bit of impulsiveness when he instinctively feels the call for action.
  • Backstory: Born in middle USA out in the middle of nowhere to a fairly middle class family he grow up as a loner though without being anti-social so most people were either indifferent or had a fairly friendly impression of him. Things changed when at the age of 12 he learned about the stock market and for 6 entire years did every odd job to build up some cash, From ages 18-22 he was able to increase his portfolio from $20k to $430k. When he turned 23 he was able to spot the hedge funds big mistake and made tens of millions, But his luck ran out when he committed suicide tied to a chair with 3 bullets in the back.
  • But of course right before he died a screen popped up and asked if he wanted to live and he chose yes, transferring him to another world with a healed body and his clothes back to like-new.
story https://www.scribblehub.com/series/306118/trader-stranded-in-the-other-world/


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