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    Every game and idol competition has a fan on fire.
    Then there's the folks on social media.
    Then you got people listening to news.
    Who said that life was so chill?
    Spring is here.
    They say it's hot.
    But it's still cold.
    Today, fire afar choked me.
    Three turtles walk side by side.
    Basking in the warmth of sunlight at 2.
    Gargoyle stand guard.
    Let them spin and twirl.
    Don't let them bite!
    .... Lotus, just what did you eat?!
    Robot dog still swinging his hind legs.
    I listen to a song of a music band called Goose House.
    Spot trying to catch some sun like.
    30 minutes I told them.
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    i just can't help but adore your style for drawing. I'll be the first to admit that it isn't technically proficient by any means but it's just so personalized and endearing. it's like cave paintings done in 2077. something about it just makes me want to have it framed on my wall and have my guests look at it in a daze while I bask in their confusion.

    tl;dr: I like it and I dunno why
    I'm honored.
    I just realized after redrawing this face. Last face looked like a yakuza by accident. It make senses why some people chose bald guys as the bad guys. There were lots of emphasis on facial expressions, usually for threat emphasis surprisingly.
    Good old cartoon nostalgia. Simplistic, but beautiful enough to move the world.
    Yar a pirate. Say something homey and philosophical about stuffs under yer flag.
    Next moment, yer got yeeted to death by a cannon ball from navy ship.
    Mayday! Mayday!
    Man overboard!
    Legit death flag.
    Ways to troll your potential pirates and thieves?
    Will switching chapters do and deliberate misspellings? Or other Encryption language for reader decoding?
    They would, yeah, but they will narrow your reader base too
    Deleted member 45782
    ...actually instead of going political..just slap webnovel as name of villain in story. Doubt they will want take a story where the name of the villain is literally webnovel..
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