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    Is “writing for yourself” a defense mechanism?

    Mostly for self. Because if you follow the people, then your only expression is considered catering to people without care for yourself. I agree that statistic should be off-limits because at most, it's unreliable and at times, spirit-crushing for the creator. However, the only time I do the...
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    Beta Reader/Feedback Request

    Ok. By the way, can you give me a little feedback on Archives of FAS Lores: Forbidden Scroll: The Aureole of Wishes | 2 please? It's written in fairytale format. However, I think it need some fixing, but I am not sure where though?
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    Beta Reader/Feedback Request

    No. In fact you can delete my comments or ask me to delete them if you don't want to follow those suggestion. But the problem of not separating your dialogue, your narrator's perspective, and his thoughts will be noticed by other readers and will come up sooner or later. They will say something...
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    Writing How to differentiate Magic vs. Psychic Power?

    My dilemma in every worldbuilding construction work.
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    Beta Reader/Feedback Request

    Checked out your other three chapters on same story in comments. There may be suggestions, but mostly to help the reader distinguish between your lines.
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    I'm a Cerberus but with goat heads. Ask me anything.

    So what's your relationship with the Cameraman? He's your bro or mate or just your buddy ?
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    Webnovel wants to contract me so much that they'll even impersonate me, lol

    Then what if this author is not contracted with them in the first place, but someone else might be while taking words for words off that original author's page?
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    Editing Mode: Immediate Auto-Incorrection

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    Chapter 1 Feedback

    If that's the case, then shouldn't his response be like : "I want to be like my grandma who can take on the demon army!" or something like that?
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    Can I bite your neck?

    Can I bite your neck?
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    So project zomboid came from who?

    So project zomboid came from who?
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    So Agent's the ghost?

    So Agent's the ghost?
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    Recommendations OP MC but not dark series and no big focus on battles/lvling up

    Why do you have to go OP from OP ingredients? Why not make it so a person can be OP from normal ingredients that have been cooked properly?
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    Chapter 1 Feedback

    And he sound very careless. So what kind of feedback are you looking for? If you asking for grammar and sentence structure, then I say that you need to separate dialogues from thoughts and actual story. If you asking for how the story flow, then I say that you got a good start. But the main...
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    Sound like a lie.

    Sound like a lie.