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    So, how many projects you pretend to be currently working on?

    Cat videos are important study material! Also, do writing projects that are written in programming languages count?
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    Unreal Engine 5

    That is what assets are for. Of course since many assets are paid, most indie probably won't go for them and will make simple ones or use the free ones. So it is a matter of what kind of assets they include for free or what kind of assets are available for free. That said, overall, there are a...
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    What is best in a story?

    Judging by those details, it sounds like maybe the issue you are having is that you are jumping from A to B. A story in general should go up a ramp on a climax, then wrap up with an anticlimax. You know like this: While you don't need to exactly follow that, understand you need to build up...
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    Is It Normal to Hate Math When You’re an Aspiring Programmer?

    Math is important for many forms of programming. For example, without knowing math it is kind of hard to work with gui transformations, gaming , robotics and other things. But not all programming is math heavy. If your aiming for say a web programmer or making non-gaming apps. Math isn't that...
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    I levelled up

    And that's where things start to go all wrong. With a few more levels you soon realize that proofreading ends up taking 10X the time it takes to write it.
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    Novel Statistics: Referrers

    When you post a new chapter, you show up on NovelUpdates under featured. That generates a ton more clicks than the front page does unless maybe you are trending. To put it into perspective, according to Alexa, 47.8% of ScribbleHub traffic is from NovelUpdates.
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    Book to Game commissions

    These days, you don't even need to be a developer. RPG Maker and VN Maker make the process pretty straight forward with little to no programming knowledge. Unless you plan to do something unique that can't be solved with plugins. The real bottleneck for games is they need a ton of art.
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    Novel Statistics: Referrers

    Most views most likely come from NovelUpdates when you get featured. They then click on the chapters. I highly doubt many use the front page unless you are trending or something.
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    An Underrated Section

    I think you have thing backwards. If people are abusing the system, then the correct thing is to fix the abuses. If you start creating criteria for special featuring, people will still complain about them not being featured or etc. Not to mention, new stories do get featured. Now of course some...
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    What advice would you give to others in life or just in general?

    Get a cat, worship it as your overlord! On less important advice then the above: 1) Don't read while lying in bed, it might seem comfortable now but you'll pay for it 2) Don't sit all day either 3) Make sure you get proper amount of sleep. The body heals and resorts your brain when you...
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    I have a question~

    Nope. At best I only used half my name combined with another word. So maybe only the sharpest person would notice. And that was for offline games. By the time it got to making online accounts of any sort, I wouldn't use my name even partly.
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    Writing How do you find a balance in your leadup vs primary conflict?

    Generally, I follow the policy of thinking if I can do something interesting, and do those interesting things into the filler or lead up. If I feel like I am just going to drag the story for little to no benefit or it won't be fun, it is better to cut it out or simply up the pacing and get where...
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    Question...(unrelated to writing).

    Neither. You being positive or negative has no actual correlation to experience in life. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. You are under a false impression of negativity and positivity. A negative person might think he sees the true value of life, but by not exploring the venue they...
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    Writing Starting your fantasy world

    While a lot of people hate info dumps, myself included. If you are gonna do one, it is usually best to: 1) Do them as early as possible before people are hooked (but don't overdo it to bore them out) 2) Avoid the entire chapter being an infodump, preferably infodump in the beginning and get...
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    Are fanfictions really interesting?

    I think this...