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    Authors ruining their stories with terrible romance

    Honestly, yes. I wish people who were never in any romance would just go some disney princess route and make a 'romance' where nothing bad happens ever. That would, at least, be more bearable than the edgelord, angst-overfed fiestas that happen in stories these days.
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    Unique weapons?

    It might have something to do with the popularity of the dancer job in FF14. It uses chakrams.
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    Here's a question for everyone

    I prefer not to ask myself such deep questions. The last time I did such a thing, my brain hurt.
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    Here's a question for everyone

    I barely care enough to know how many 'parts' there are to Croatia... which I think there are 3... or 4? Maybe 5 if you include the capital. Anyway, the amount of how many multiple persona's Americans can have is important to me why?
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    When describing a character what should I mention.

    I would advise not wasting too much of your efforts on describing non-mandatory parts of your characters. Most readers will tend to skip non-dialogue parts of stories anyway and those that do read everything will likely be interested in other plot hooks rather than a characters eye color...
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    Man, Mankind, or Humanity?

    I'm pretty sure there was a meme video made about that LotR reference in particular lmao
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    "Life's precious" rule

    I don't really see the whole 'kill or don't kill' as a question of being human or not. Humanity is a falsehood in its own right. Why do we consider a werewolf who does not give in to instinct to have regained their 'humanity'? In my view, that werewolf only denied his humanity by not acting like...
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    Tips For Writing In 1st Person?

    Basically put; focus yourself on the 'point of view' of the character and don't mention things they wouldn't/aren't supposed to know just because you want the audience to know it and you should be fine. If something needs to be spoken that the character can't know yet, just add a little extra...
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    Man, Mankind, or Humanity?

    I don't really give a crap, as I will use both when required. Humanity has its uses in objective speak, but Mankind/Man fits a lot more into dramatic jargon. For instance: "The sons of Man shall perish." "Humanity shall perish." Might just be my personal preference, but I like the first...
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    Do you guys always skip a certain song when it starts playing and never remove it, or am I just weird?

    I have no clue what to say here tbh. Primarily because this definition of skipping songs fits neatly into my entire youtube collection. Some of the oldest songs, I've heard more than a thousand times, so I just skip em for the newer ones, until the latter is inevitably added to the former...
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    Tribal mentality

    This might put me in a naïve light, but the answer is still yes. Reason being that I am a heavily antisocial person to whom relationships are a thing of convenience, as easily thrown aside as outdated equipment. The only time I would not help is if I decide that this friend is more trouble than...
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    Tribal mentality

    To be quite frank, I'm not someone that gives much care for the opinions of strangers. If I consider someone a friend and they're doing something bad to another person, I'm still going to 'help' them.
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    Tribal mentality

    I don't really care about tribes. You attacking someone I'm personally invested in gives me all the casus belli I need to start a conflict and that is all I'll ever need.
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    What is your max chapter limit?

    There's only so many paths that a character can take before they inevitably either die or become gods gods god + infinity. I would say, around the 200 chapter mark I forget who is who unless they're a regular part of the story.
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    How many cliches does a thing need before it's cliche.

    It honestly depends on what you see as a 'cliche' in the first place, since that will be a subjective opinion unique to every person. Things one person may see as cliche will definitely not be cliche to others. As for how much cliche is required before it becomes noticeable, I think that's a...