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    [aggregator] steals novels.

    My Euphoria has been copy pasted over so many sites that I kinda don't even give a crap anymore, lmao.
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    Do yall prefer martial or caster Mcs?

    The body is the greatest weapon. Magic can only ever be a supplement, but I don't prefer an mc that can't do both lmao.
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    opinion needed

    Are you gonna be using Avrae and discord? Because if yes, I am interested.
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    Your go to.

    Hell if I know, but if I answer "some random isekai", then its probably true.
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    How old are you?

    25, but I've always felt like I was born 90 so w/e
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    Why are smut writers getting so much hate?

    In my experience, the only people who hate smut that aren't normies are those who didn't have their peculiar brand of personal autism (aka, their fetish) represented and explored in the smut itself.
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    Poll: Who is the Most Scary Person on SHF?

    Don't see myself on there, therefore there is no reason to vote. :blob_thor:
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    Why do readers expect that relationships are set in stone?

    I do not see any reason to care about their opinion on this matter. Changing your story for the sake of pleasing a reader or two will inevitably alienate everything else and most importantly, cause you to lose interest in writing a story that is simply no longer your own. The readers whom are...
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    Do you care about story ratings

    To put it bluntly, the answer will always be ambiguous. One the one hand, a reader might see a 1 star story and instinctively dump it without any attempt at reading, while others will actively seek out such stories just to see if the rating is true, or just born from a slew of haters. For an...
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    I hate the 'sad mass murderer' trope.

    "Ah yes, something something is all "trash" and my opinion is utterly unassailable because it is mine, duh!" If you've never seen anyone give a 0.5 rating for that reason, you must have not been an author for very long or are extremely lucky in that regard. Good for you. No comment on the...
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    I hate the 'sad mass murderer' trope.

    You sound like one of those mayflies that reads a story knowing full well how much they despise the premise and leave behind a 0.5 review because its somehow the authors fault that they forced themselves to read a novel full of themes they hate. Mass murderer may be going a little far, though...
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    I’ll share my first impressions of you

    What's there to have 'first impressions' of, even? I'm just a massive, unapologetic edgelord with a god complex. Getting to know me after first impressions changes literally nothing.
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    I hereby declare victory against the haters.

    Aren't you just that one dude that confuses general teenage rebelliousness for being 'based'?
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    The color you prefer for healing potions.

    Red is blood. Blood is health. Green is poison. Green is death.
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    What is your favorite romance troupe?

    None of them lmao. Yuri. Futa on Female. Twincest. I suppose you could call it GG, with addons!