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    Plot Formulas Are Popular

    Going with a more business focused point, a mix of an old premise/story with new details/twists is the most likely model for financial success. In general, people are looking for something that is similar to what they already know and like. Sometimes it's even just "more of the same" to "relive...
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    Business-related Novels

    It can work if you target the right audience. I mean spotify and co also didn't destroy all music shops, etc. Problem is, OP would have to target a certain target group and that would probably feel like hell because it's not "your shop" anymore... That said, I don't really know of any novels...
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    Writers block tips?

    Write. Hate it. Write again. Hate it more. Write. A lot of blocks follow "writing yourself in a corner" or "don't know what to do next". So challenge yourself, write that chapter, see if it fits and if not, delete it and write again. Waiting for the muse to come and give you the right idea...
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    Characters you created that you admit are blatant expy?

    I rarely copy characters directly because I like them. Instead, I often look at the themes certain characters bring with them and often copy parts of that or write my own take on that. Most of my characters are some kind of variation on tropes that are known to work or I found really...
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    Writing Yoko Taro

    I asked what is special about him "making stories" not "making games", after the OP asked whether this style of "making stories" can be used for novels. The remaining part of my question was also about "writing techniques" not "game design"... so yeah. But even then, I don't get why you feel...
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    Writing Yoko Taro

    Yeah, but we are talking about writing not gamedesign...
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    Writing Yoko Taro

    Is there anything special about his way of making stories? I only skimmed through that talk but all I saw are writing techniques that are known for hundreds of years... can you point me towards the special stuff? Sounds interesting...
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    What phrase/quote do you hate?

    That one is bad. But I've also grown to hate the opposite of "I researched it / read about it". Like no, using google for 15 minutes and barely understanding five articles that use out of context, misunderstood science isn't any form of research and doesn't turn you into a person of authority on...
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    What do you think?

    Though to be fair: the decisions in those companies aren't made by game designers or developers, but by businessmen. So their goal isn't to improve the overall genre or the games, but rather to see the gamers as wallets and get as much money out of them. So DLCs, lootboxes, "games as service"...
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    “War is progress, peace is stagnation”

    I would disagree with that. Not only because there is rarely stagnation in peace, the driving factor behind progress also isn't war. It's gains. In the past, wars gave people a lot to gain hence they also invested a lot. Especially in the big wars, winning meant a lot of land, ressources, or...
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    Learnt new words

    Rinderkennzeichnungsfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz. *laughsingerman*
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    Looking for Artist Looking For Someone To Add Name Text Into My Artwork

    There isn't one style, but based on the artist/genre it looks like this:
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    Can readers feel the obvious improvement in quality of writing from an author as they continue on reading?

    That's true. But let me give you a more serious answer: The fact that improvements are less obvious to readers is the timeframe. Bad chapters that fall off the cliff are a big step down. (They "fall" down after all.) Positive improvements, especially over the course of a long-running series...
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    How do you make a couple break up?

    Sleep with one of them. (That said. The point above is important: doing this stuff will make your characters really unlikable. So yeah, better not let your MC do that stuff.)
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    Can readers feel the obvious improvement in quality of writing from an author as they continue on reading?

    They sure as hell feel it when you fall off a cliff... So the opposite should be also true :D