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    Writing I feel like I may have made a mistake

    The "usual standard" is between 1.5k and 2k words/chapter. It's a number also often used for traditional publishing, because "for the average readers" that length is the usual "potato chip"-length. The usual "just one more" followed by "Oh, it's morning". If your chapters are shorter, they...
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    why many authors drop their stories which is still in its beginning.

    They are rather rare. I had like 1 or 2 in 5+ years of writing on multiple sites. You'll get people who give bad votes or a "shit story" comment, but really toxic behavior is rather rare and you can also just report it. What you'll get more of are "unfair readers". I had people give my story...
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    why many authors drop their stories which is still in its beginning.

    They are rather rare. The problem is that people who are toxic/agitated often have more motivation to leave a comment on your writing or review compared to the silent readers that just enjoy your story. In my case, there are a handful of positive readers who comment on every chapter (even if...
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    why many authors drop their stories which is still in its beginning.

    Writing costs a lot of time and motivation. It's a craft like sports or playing an instrument or whatever. How many people buy a gym membership, feel great after the first training, go half the time for the second week, and never return afterwards? The entire gym industry is based on the...
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    How To Write A OP Fantasy MC Story

    Make sure to give a reason why strong villains won't kill him in chapter 50, e.g. CN often uses realms. Make sure to give other stakes to the story, e.g. relationships, the fate of loved ones, a goal to reach in time, etc. A lot of stories suffer from missing stakes when the first hype dies...
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    Other good sites to publish on

    Even worse to me - and that's for both Honeyfeed and Webnovel - is that they don't allow pictures inside the chapters. So no way for charater illustrations, multiple volume covers, or whatever...
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    Titles, and how far do they affect a novel

    I mean the effect of grammar and ratings/reviews also vary heavily with your target audience. Your "typical smut story" often has worse ratings than comparable stories with a more serious topic. We also get "3.X" stories in the top-lists of this site, complemented by tons of 1 and 2 star...
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    Please give me extremely harsh reviews- no i am not a masochist

    Okay, then I'll be harsher than normal. I wouldn't read your novel. I wouldn't even open it. And the reason is rather simple: I think that my time is valuable and even when I read fast-food stories or "waste my time", I would rather pick stuff I think I'll enjoy in the long run. The synopsis is...
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    Titles, and how far do they affect a novel

    The first thing you have to do is to make a reader want to click on your novel. Title and cover will be always seen, so they are rather important. Following that you have the main genres and chapter titles shown when you update. Those are the main things that will push a reader to click your...
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    Then say no?
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    I can't even surpass a story that updates zero times a week and only has three chapters

    And you already surpassed some stories with hundreds of chapters and hundred of thousands of words who never found their target audience. Just keep at it. Sometimes it's just that one active user that pushes you into trending and brings you a hundred new readers. Sometimes it's a weird trend...
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    How hard would a power system like this scale?

    A weight lifting athlete can raise ~450 Kg. So a 6 would be 3.5 metric tons. That's a car or two. A level 8 would be 14 metric tons. That's a truck. A level 12 would be 224 metric tons. That's more or less a middle-sized sailing boat as used during wars. Same can be done for other stuff. So...
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    It ain’t much but it’s honest work

    Don't be sad... it's time to live the dream and go for 6969 :blob_okay:
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    Scientific and/or magical workings

    Magic and science in your story needs rules. If it's used in battles, all the more. If your readers don't understand the magic, they won't understand what is and what isn't impossible, and you have to resort to "telling the strengths" instead of letting the readers come to their own conclusion...
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    Humiliating the Main Character for a character Growth

    And it's the same studio as Akame ga Kill and Steins;Gate. So it was less "Oh, they do Re:Zero" and instead "Oh, we get another one like these...". That said, Re:Zero also did a lot of things right when it came to production quality and pacing, character designs, and the like. It ticks a lot of...