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    My next goal

    Shoot for making the trending page. That is, to say, shoot for consistency. Or just pray to the God of RNGs and hope he shines his divine light upon your story.
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    Anybody got art of their characters?

    Oh for sure, for sure. Fanart time. —what Rose from ‘RATH’ would look like if she were older. —what she looks like now. But JoJo. That’s all. Have a lovely day.
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    How to get those pesky Webnovel people to leave you alone

    Easy peasy, just sign your soul away and they’ll leave you alone.
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    How to add atmosphere into a story

    Here’s something a friend of mine says on the topic:
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    recommend me the edgiest darkest grimmiest schnizzel you know of on this planet

    Completed Webnovel: Warlock of the Magus World — pure villain MC who tactically plans, kills, betrays, and steals his way to the top with an AI companion. Though he isn’t necessarily asexual, the women he has relationships with are more a means to an end to him. This is also a cultivation story...
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    Story idea

    Twist twist: The other guys are straight too, and the MC is just a big idiot who is too gong-ho about his sexuality and keeps misunderstanding male friendship dynamics for romance.
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    Just your average night scrolling

    The Rock transitioned. Hopefully he’s still in Fast and the Furious.
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    Do you write the characters or let them write themselves?

    Perfect response. What @NotaNuffian said. Though, even when I do plot things out, I do still tend to let the characters write themselves because (1) Writing is more enjoyable to me that way (2) I surprise myself with my own story and (3) It feels more natural to me. I never force my characters...
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    Abandoned stories

    Oh for sure.
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    Abandoned stories

    I have way too many. Way too many. Listing them all will take forever. Just know it's a lot.
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    When writing off the bad ends of bad guys, to what level of violence and gores are readers willing to tolerate?

    It depends on what expectations you’ve already set for your readers. You can’t just smack a gore scene in a none-gory story, but you can do whatever you want if you’ve already set expectations for it.
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    A Gilgamesh inspired villain as MC story.

    There's actually various lightnovels that touch on this. One of which is 'My Instant Death Ability is so Overpowered' and another is 'The Executioner and Her Way of Life'. The former focuses on an OP protagonist dealing with a world where OP people let their power get into their head constantly...
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    What is best in a story?

    Agreed. What @K5Rakitan said.
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    I just can't play creative games.

    Completely the same. I tried Minecraft and didn't like it. And, even though I draw from time to time, it takes too much energy from writing away from me.