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    [aggregator] steals novels.

    It's your fault for writing something steal-able. Write a novel like mine, who would dare read it, let alone steal it? ***EDIT*** : They stole mine as well, lmao... It has a better score there (7.3, 10 ratings) but some say it's due to bots? They sure have guts. Last time someone did this they...
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    Clichés of sick people

    Having any sort of flu is no big deal. These types of virus pose no danger and have mild symptoms, so there's not much to write about it in the first place. Only already dying people and extreme malnutrition could make you die with those viruses. The character should just get weaker and laze...
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    Content Warnings

    Nah, do it like me. Put the three content warnings and the rape tag and go wild lmao.
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    Requesting for Australian Artist!!!

    Can emus and kangz join? At least for security? If you say no you bad
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    Trees are just Elven Computers

    Elf: You can't hear the tree cry in pain!? Orc: *chomps on leaf* Elfheim World War 1
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    Have you felt empty?

    Not really. I always knew I was generally better than most people, but ever since a pseudo-uridine gene therapy came out, I feel even better. So many people cripple themselves or perish, while I'm extremely healthy. I will survive through the next end of the world and have a hundred children...
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    any good scribble stories where the main character is a villain

    Uuuuuhhhh..... Maybe Yume Howling fits that category (a bit), but the author is sort of slow AF to release new chapters and he's an asshole, still there's close to 100k words uploaded. Otherwise a lot of Chinese novels fit, like Martial God...
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    Awkward moment in writting

    Every reader was like "flock yeah, join the XXX sect! Who cares about the Immortal Fire Fist sect!" In my case I have a file listing every character, their name lol (I also use blanks for characters that aren't planned for a long time), their bio, clothes, abilities, personalities, history with...
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    What is SH's restriction on smut?

    I'm writing a Boku No Hero Academia fanfic on the side (unpublished, don't search for it) and I had to increase the age of every character in advance using slightly BS but logical universe building (characters start high school at age 20 lol, and they look adult but they're still somewhat...
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    When you read this whole thread as an author and none of the tropes apply to your novel & what you've planned... Feels good man. :blobtaco: I abhor most tropes, I think everyone forgot to mention the beta Japanese MC trope where the main character doesn't touch any women forever in order to...
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    Is grammar subjective?

    Grammar is objective for each period in time (that's why there are books on grammar elucidating everything), on the other hand, style is subjective. That's why you can write 1st person present tense novels and just wait until their good days come instead of competing in the 3rd person past...
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    How often do you use Glossary?

    Using it and updating it with each chapter, but I still have no idea if even a single reader saw it. I wish there was a view counter there as well, I don't want to beg for comments about it or do a poll.
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    litrpg advice wanted

    You can do whatever you want but it's important to stay consistent. Write and perfect a template in some text file that you can modify and copy-paste all of the time. You'll need templates for exp tallies, level ups, menus, messages from the system and so on. Something like this: Waifu...
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    OC for upcoming novel~

    Bigger...? This is breast cancer! :s_eek:
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    OC for upcoming novel~

    i """fixed""" it 4 u 4 free Red is the superior color as you can see, and the thighs are now THICC, not to mention other details and enhancements. /just kidding btw, plz read my trashy novel/