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    A 'Light Novel' Tag?

    Actually after writing my other post, I've come across several romance books that did dialogue similar to this. There was still he said she said peppered throughout but there were large portions of the book that didn't have it. So it's not only a Japanese style of writing. And what's wrong if...
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    A 'Light Novel' Tag?

    I don't have the words to describe it but from what I've seen in my limited reading, light novels have titles for their chapters, they stick to around 40,000- 60,000 words per book and have pictures (usually in color, though not always). I'm not sure if all books do this since I haven't paid...
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    A 'Light Novel' Tag?

    From a library in the US stand point not every light novel is categorized as Young adult. There's three that are actually placed in regular adult fiction(that I know of) instead of in the YA fiction. Seraph of the end, Shield hero, and is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon? are in either the...
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    What's your view on rewriting a story's earlier chapters?

    You could always rewrite in like docs or word and upload everything at once when you're done. That way you can work on it little by little when you have time without pressure. Once you've "fixed" what you wanted to fix, then it can all be uploaded at once.
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    I can't seem to get my bearings on writing or think by myself

    Write everything you have no matter how jumbled up. That is step one. And whether you get going full steam ahead or stumble along like a drunken sailor there's one very important thing to remember and that is progress is still progress. Don't stress about how much progress you're making it...
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    How did you improve your writing style?

    I read and try to figure out why I like something and why I don't(that's why it's a good idea to read books like what you're writing. Also good to write it down so you have something to reference later.). Also I read books on writing. Crafting novels and Short stories by Editors of writer's...
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    Do you keep songs/playlists for stories and characters?

    I This is my mini playlist meant for one series. The songs are for characters, scenes and even feelings between characters. Always play it in the background when I'm writing. When I get stuck I try to focus on the song (someone's I skip to a specific character song) and it helps me focus enough...
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    Useful softwares?

    Color note and Google docs. You can make a specific color mean something specific. This is where my ideas are written and I fully flesh them out in Google docs.
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    Why do you write?

    That's difficult indeed. I don't think I come close to what you're feeling but I do get that feeling of frustration sometimes. I can see the scene play out in my mind but I can't come up with just the right words to convey that scene to someone else. One of the many areas I try to tackle in my...
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    Why do you write?

    I enjoy the rush of writing a great scene but mainly it's to write something I want to read. I know I read that somewhere as a tip. Don't write something you think will sell (which I took as don't follow trends because inevitably they change). Write something you want to read or wish was out...
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    Have you ever had an idea you never made for one reason or another?

    I try to keep my ideas written somewhere. Sometimes they get used in surprising ways. They might not work for one story or even a certain genre but maybe somewhere else down the line.
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    Where to find an editor?

    First you need to decide what kind of editor you need. They don't do the same things. Depending on where you are at in you story and where you think it needs fixing you would need a different editor. Ex. Developmental editor, line editor, copy editor, etc etc. Now after you figure where you...
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    To all those authors who can write a chapter a day. I salute you.

    I am the absolute complete opposite of someone who can write a chapter in a day. Well, I suppose it's not the writing part that's really hard for me. It's more like I'm my worst critic (I think in a good way). I end up doing revision after revision of my work. I think I'm now on revision 10? 15...