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    Writing When is it considered too much action?

    If the reason of conflict is never good enough. You can’t have “did you just finish the last milk?!” And then have the guy behead the other. To create the best of fights, you need characters introduced in the calmest of ways. But yeah, when it comes to war? Read Kingdom, that one is purely war...
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    Registration for best pick up line contest

    I think there’s something wrong with my phone, it doesn’t have your number in it
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    How does it feel?

    I recently contacted a few of my readers for something asked them questions about my novel. I was surprised to find out that they genuinely liked the novel and weren’t hired actors making nice comments every once in a while. Characters that you made last second, stereotypes that you added in...
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    What is the best way to have more view and comment?

    I quite like the last one. Classy. :blobthumbsup:
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    How many cliches does a thing need before it's cliche.

    When people start making parodies of that cliche thing
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    Click here to lose

    Damn... I’m the first one :blob_catflip: Oh, I guess I’m not first
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    Get Better Swordater!

    What has happened?
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    Who else would love to see some SH and RR stories to be published as LNs and made as anime?

    You’re definitely not wrong, but considering the fact that League of Legends got its own series adaption— it’s a damn game— I’m sure that soon people will adapt webnovels into series of some sort. It’ll first start as webtoons probably (like how Omniscent reader is being adapted into a webtoon)...
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    Beta readers needed [CLOSED]

    Similar to Mother’s learning on RR? will there be romance? Harem? I need to know a bit more as I don’t like that sort of stuff. But if it has tags I like, I’m in.
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    Beta readers needed [CLOSED]

    I’d recommend maybe giving a bit more information on your new project so the right kind of people join? I mean hey, if its interesting enough, I might do it, I want to know how beta readers work so why not become on myself lol
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    Introduce Yourself To Me, Why Not?

    Hi, I like making dumb post sometimes about art stuff or asking questions to my fellow authors. Nice to meet ya :blobthumbsup:
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    Writing Good points to write BL smut.

    Honestly just read a lot and you’ll hone your experience. Maybe refer to your favorite BL smutty season? I don’t have any smut in my novel and I don’t plan on having it but it’s good to still research about good smutty scenes. Mostly since this site really likes harem and smut…
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    Any advice about this illustration?

    it’s honestly not a bad illustration, you just grew a little too greedy and added the arm in, you could very easy just have kept the arm off screen and only had the hand there holding the sword. You’re conveying everything well enough. Continue drawing and good luck, I’m sure you’ll get even...
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    Artist and Authors— Happy New Years and help me again

    Happy New Years! Hope it’s a lovely 2022 for you! I have a question that I have asked before— but this time I have the ability to actually do it. Previously I asked if my readers or potential readers would appreciate art accompanied with the story. Like in a chapter, I might’ve drawn a certain...
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    This one was somewhere in my sketchbook. Forgot about it.

    It looks great! The mouth is a little strange but you barely notice it. Good job!