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    Recommendations Kitty needs romance stories

    Nearly checked all of the boxes... Except for the slow romance, mine is slow... I don’t have any smut in it either T-T
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    Dogs or cats?

    If you don’t like cats, you clearly have issues…
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    Are You Feeling Worthless?

    I might just quit my job and do this instead
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    Which Trope Are You Most Tired of Seeing?

    Now that, I like. Good 86 reference
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    How often do you use Glossary?

    I will definitely begin to use it once I've reached a milestone in the story
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    How many chapters to make before uploading?

    I think on scribble hub, its less about chapter and more about word count? Especially writers who write 1k per chapter, usually you’d need to have at least 20 chapters to peek a readers interest. But if you write 3-5k words, having 10 or more chapters is enough. That’s only my opinion though
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    What published physical book are you reading right now?

    Carry On because I don’t remember anything from it
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    How to deal with non-english readers

    Yeah, google translate works well, it just hasn’t helped enough when I had French in school. You could say I’m petty. But DeepL, from others suggestions, works just as well, if not better so you can try it out if you ever want to!
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    How to deal with non-english readers

    I don’t understand how it works either but they copied a paragraph of my chapter and it was in Spanish…
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    How to deal with non-english readers

    So recently there’s been a Spanish reader on my old chapters. And this reader likes to ask questions about certain plot points etc… I had to translate what they were saying to understand anything (they’re actually pretty funny) before I could answer their questions. Thanks to a few knowledgeable...
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    Do you have "theme" playlists when you write?

    I only switch to sad songs for sad scenes, other then that, shuffle works well
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    I enjoy writing, but...

    I think it has meaning. For me, it’s me testing how much time and effort I can put in something. I love reading so I want to love writing and maybe even make something of it (though I’ll have to start studying english)
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    My novel covers keep disappearing

    My image being too big hasn’t been an issue before so I think I’ll be fine, or I hope so at least. I posted my covers on Imgur so hopefully it works now!