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    Resolved Adopted girl by the Ice Queen yuri

    Yes. Thank you so much.
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    Resolved Adopted girl by the Ice Queen yuri

    A girl about to die for an attack on her village is saved by the Ice Queen, a demon woman, who experimented with her by giving her a drop of blood each day. The girl develops feelings for the demon woman and tries to be accepted by her. The butler trains her in combat and she learns to cook from...
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    Can't/Don't Understand The Trending Algorithm

    This is what I posted on another thread.
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    What type of writer are you?

    I'm glad it was helpful.
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    What type of writer are you?

    Welcome to the forum.
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    What type of writer are you?

    Please check the video to understand the four parameters. I'm Pantser-Intuitive with a little bit of Plotter. I only need to know what the story is about and the main characters. Things like the name of secondary characters, the kingdoms, how the different civilizations are; I think of them...
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    First Impressions of Authors based on their name

    Not yet. But I'll in the future.
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    Your Favorite Chapter To Write

    My favorite chapter to write was the fight against the S rank adventurer. My protagonist has some broken powers. She has healing magic, regeneration where the world detects her body is damaged and fixes it, her orders where everything she says is absolute and you have to do it, and her Empress...
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    What Good Thing Happened Today?

    Yes. I got lucky :blobrofl:
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    What Good Thing Happened Today?

    A nice person on RR offered to edit one chapter of any story. I sent my chapter yesterday. I checked it this morning and I'm impressed. I learnt a lot. Thanks to her my writing will improve. :blob_happy::blobtaco:
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    What Good Thing Happened Today?

    Today I came up with my plan to make money with my stories.
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    For words like realise/realize, which spelling is preferred?

    I use realize because my mother language is Spanish. The word translated to it is "realizar", so I prefer the version with z. (Though that isn't the best translation for it; applicable in very few cases.)
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    Idea boards?

    I printed images for my characters in my story, though I like the idea of using boards on Pinterest to visualize the environment and characters. I'll use it for my next stories.
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    What Good Thing Happened Today?

    I'm trying a new method to write my chapters, so far it's been amazing and I'm satisfied with it.
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    How long are your fight scenes, and how you can make it longer?

    Fights in novels are short for two reasons. The first is using concise short sentences to speed the reading, changing the speed of the events in the readers mind. Just like JayDirex pointed out. The second is because you have to treat your fight scene as any other scene; you can't repeat...