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    Deleting story is Freedom

    My brain would fry bro let's not do that
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    Deleting story is Freedom

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    Deleting story is Freedom

    Finally got rid of the story that gave me anxiety. I no longer need to write something that makes me anxious rather than making me happy. PEACEEEEEE
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    This is making me feel anxious

    As a writer, I try my best not to take "clout" seriously but the ratings and how many people dropped my story is making me anxious. Is it my writing? Is it the story? Where did I go wrong?
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    Do you guys still care?

    Personally I stopped giving a crap about how "detailed" my descriptions are. I've lost all of my ability to care. This is probably something I'm gonna regret later on but eh.
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    How To Write A OP Fantasy MC Story

    I am currently writing one and my thing is that the strongest person at the moment before the MC will look at him like they're an ant if they see them. just gradually accumulate the stength to make them OP and adding 'friends' would be great as well but make sure they aren't just there to make...
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    Perfect time to post

    does the aussies got a rep idk about 😂 thank you this makes a lot of sense!
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    Perfect time to post

    Hi guys! I'm here today to ask what's the perfect time to post here in scribble hub. I posted a new novel and I have three chapters available right now but I want to get as much traffic I can get. So, what time and day do you suggest I post? Thank, guys.