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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    It has a semi-random anxiety value and probably hell to play because you get exactly nothing done Wonders of social anxiety HOW HAVE YOU BEEN I hope you've been healthy?
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    Writing Prompt Describe a Room #1

    It was a hotel room, really. White walls, white ceilings, wood-plank floor so glossy it was white too-- were it not for the bed, it could've passed off as a high-end electronics official store. It was all the aesthetics of corporate: bare, clean, polished to blinding shine, fake as a customer...
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    I found remnants of my old hobby of impulsively starting VN projects... This was based off of From Tomorrow On, but I call it Social Anxiety Simulator 0.2 (Yes, don't worry, I got rid of the white outlines around the name, it was bothering me too)
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    Writing If you're non English speaker, do you write your stories in your mother language first?

    We are saved from the unfortunate naming of Java coding language by the suffix -nese :blob_okay: I think it should work for a lot of Indonesian languages. Javanese, Sundanese... Also, I'd been wondering if you were Javanese when I see you every now and then, so that's a pleasant surprise...
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    It ended up looking a bit darker than I kinda thought it'd be, but I can't help it. I think I just gotta make everything look sad and sort of intimidating :blob_joy: Happiness is a farce and but a prelude to the return to the shitshow that is life. Thank you! Thank you!!! :blob_melt::blob_melt:
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    Not my OC, but I wanted to post because it's what I've been doing almost all day. Lu Ying from Dinghai Fusheng Records. Had to downgrade quality because I have problems with files bigger than 1 MB here, but eh you can probably find a somewhat better version on twitter or sth
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    I don't recall if I ever showed this off... I printed keychains of Wan Yu and Ye Xiyang (left) and Yan Xu and Xiao Lan (right) last year. Since my main focus right now is For February's Rain, I've had the main characters of that dangling from my writing pouch hehe
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    Well, now with the story posted on the Spring BL anthology, I can post this here LOL It feels good to have at least a oneshot of them posted, because I've been obsessing over this 'verse. While trying to get a bit more of an understanding of the relationship between food and sacrifice in...
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    Best Buy: Drawing Tablet - Please advice this poor soul.

    Tablets are probably going to be computer only...? But I think most of the bigger brands should work on both mac and windows. That said, basic functionality should be available in most art programs that are a step beyond Paint. If you're curious or want to check, any programs that say they...
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    Sushi's Artworks!!

    Hey now, that cover looks good. The only problem it has is the text doesn't show enough :blob_okay: That Diluc looks great, I really like the coloring on the hair...
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    Transliteration of foreign titles, yay or nay?

    I don't think there really is a "which is better in English which is better in Japanese/insert language here" answer here. It's just the truth that there's no natural-sounding equivalents in English most of the time. Even translators can't agree a lot of the time-- being in several...
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    I've been balancing it a bit, more or less. Digital stuff is easier to zone out to (and needs no set ups, while painting has dubious water my cats keep trying to drink), and currently for traditional I've been doing some practicing for a commission, so it's not really something relevant to...
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]

    Sketches from Sept 2019... It's from my first idea for a webnovel that I shelved to research more for. Honestly, it's a bit awkward to revisit-- the premise heavily revolved around the MC having a background in biomedical engineering and dealing with transmigration to a country ravaged by both...
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    Please allows novels translations as original content

    As someone who is part of fan translation groups, this kind of things is what threatens the existence of grey area free translations. With the intl fandom growing, things are already getting back to Weibo and original novelists and thus copyright holders. Do you know how many bullshit fan...
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    art of [insert all of my writing projects]