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    Romance genre or romance subplot tag?

    The way I see it, if the whole story rotates about the relationship between two characters (or more) then I would consider it Romance; however, if their love and their story are something extra to the main plot then I would say it's a sub-plot. A good example is the drama and manghwa "Business...
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    Looking for a story to make into a webtoon

    Some people just don't appreciate the effort others do for them. Karma will get to them, no doubt on that :blob_uwu:
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    What is the worst criticism you have received?

    I think the worst criticism I ever had was a guy (or girl, I don't know), who only read the first chapter (aka the PROLOGUE which barely has any dialogue because it is to give context of the plot itself) said that everything was fine, grammar, plot, etc but I did a lot of "tell and not show" and...
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    Worst world to be Isekai’d to

    I can't believe no one mentioned Attack on Titan... Imagine being eaten alive by one of those :blob_nom: Not my favorite way to go, gotta say
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    What should I be aware of before making a commission?

    I thought I might enter this thread as well. Keep in mind I have never commissioned someone but I am an artist (not trying to self advertise or anything, this is just my honest opinion from within the market). These are a couple of things you should be aware when commissioning someone: 1st...
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    Something is wierd. When I check the trending on the first page some minutes after they switch from the past day, I see several novels listed, however, wierdly enough, some time after they are either fully removed from the list or downgraded several positions (not ending on the first page)...
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    I need artist

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    I need artist

    Ahhh *panics* I didn't know otherwise I would've suggested you too, please forgive me kind soul :blob_teary::blob_teary::blob_teary:
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    I need artist

    I think the majority of the artists here focus on the most asked style (which is... you guessed it! anime) but there is an artist in the forum that actually doesn't do that style. In case you want to check her out here is the link...
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    Patreon Tips

    Thank you! I actually went to take a peak at your story, looks interesting even though it is fueled by hatred and revenge, at least that's the vibe I get from the synopsys. Might read it when I have a bit more of free time :blob_uwu: Thank you for the tips! :blob_okay::blob_melt: Yeah, that's...
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    Anyone else gets discouraged by your average views per chapter dropping?

    To me it is indifferent since I write for myself and not for others. I think that one should write because they enjoy it and not be swayed by views and other numbers (that can't be controlled). Of course, in your case I think that is due to the disatisfaction of your readers. I haven't read...
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    Looking for Work I Can Make You A Simple Cover Art For Free

    You welcome! It is the best cover in the planet :blob_thor::blob_thor::blob_thor:
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    Looking for Work I Can Make You A Simple Cover Art For Free

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    Looking for Work I Can Make You A Simple Cover Art For Free

    It's a meatball but in a hat 😂 I've never seen it even tho I have seen milkshake hats and pizza hats before
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    What are your thoughts on villainess stories?

    Oh and I completely forgot two in that list! The Villainess is a Marionette When the Villainess Loves You should, I truly love those two! And I don't wanna spoil it but it's like 10/10 :blob_nom::blob_nom: *giggles*