Character Sheet - Okarin​
4 (2320 / 2000)​
Herb Slime​
-2275 G​
Okarin is a slimeperson with gray-colored skin. They can take any form they desire, but recently Okarin has been using a human form. Since they have a somewhat odd skin texture if you look closely, Okarin usually wears a cloak to avoid attention.
Okarin is a curious individual who wanted to see more of the world. They are slightly naive and idealistic. Okarin loves pretty much all kinds of life and people, and adores talking to anything and anybody. They like to understand why people think and feel the way they do, and they are deeply empathetic. Meanwhile, they have a tendency to avoid talking about themselves.
As a slime teenager, Okarin never really liked slime society and wanted to see more of the world. Consequently, they ran away from home in order to see what was out there. Okarin stowed away in some shipping crates and arrived in the City of Scribel.
A large old poncho-like cloak
A hair accessory
Change slime shape and appearance
A passive regeneration ability
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Character Sheet - Angelina "Anja" Noir
GenderFemaleRaceHumanLevel1 (25 / 200 EXP)
Age23ClassMartial ArtistMoney10G
Anja was born in an alternate Earth universe where superheroes existed. Her mother was a bona-fide magical girl who embodied "Love and Justice". Her father was a renowned journalist who flew into dangerous warzones documenting crimes against humanity. She grew up intensely admiring her mother and other dazzling stars, and she spent much of her youth dreaming to be a superhero like her idols... However... years passed and she never gained any fantastic abilities. Utlimately, Anja turned out to be an unremarkable normal girl.

Frustrated and unwilling to give up, she turned towards fighting with her fists — brute forcing her way into becoming a hero. Even though she knew it was stupid, her tenacity was undeniable. She trained obsessively until she won the Junior Olympics (non-superhero category) in mixed martial arts for for three consecutive years... until one day in high school, Anja came home and found out her mother had been killed in action.

Upset in ways beyond describing — and angry at her own powerlessness — she quit sports entirely because she was dissatisfied about how slow it was taking her to her goal. Anja didn't just want to be a good athlete. She wanted to be fighting. She wanted to have the strength to determine her own fate, and she was willing to give everything up to get there. She wanted power. Lots of power. Somebody told her the Gate might hold the answer she was looking for.
In her younger years, "Angelina" might have been more feminine and idealistic, but when she realized that she wasn't ever going to be a Magical Girl like her mom — her personality took a huge pivot to the rough side. Forceful. Stubborn. Explosive. Anja considers the feminine side of herself a huge hassle, and her biology is annoying as fuck. She knows she needs to work three times as hard as the men to get the same results. But that never intimidated her before, and it isn't going to stop her now.
BackpackGood for traveling light
Knuckle GlovesDelivers some added punch
Utility BeltUseful to carrying stuff
Athleticism++World-class athletic ability (weakened)
Martial Artist++World-class martial artist (weakened)
Strong AuraExudes a dangerous vibe of killing intent
Character Sheet - Briele
Gender??? (pronouns: he/him)RaceTroll (喰人鬼 )Level1 (180 / 200 EXP)
Age1ClassReincarnated DemonMoney30 G
Briele is a "troll" — a type of man-eating demon. In the world that he comes from, trolls have a humanoid appearance, which serves to deceive their natural prey. When humans let their guard down, trolls bare their sharp teeth and strangle/pummel their prey to death with their unexpectedly powerful superhuman strength. His overall appearance is androgynous and his childlike voice is soft. Despite his preferred pronouns, his current body is in fact biologically female.
As a former human recently reincarnated in a new body, Briele is an odd mixture of maturity and childishness. He is generally shy and introverted, which is the opposite of most of his demon peers. Briele has not yet come to terms with being a man-eating demon, and he can sometimes be fairly moody and stubborn. He actually avoids eating meat entirely — despite how much he craves it — and pursues a vegetarian diet. Thankfully trolls in his world are omnivorous, but avoiding an essential feature of his natural diet makes Briele irritable, chronically sleepy, and generally weak. He really likes books and is known to be an insomniac.
Briele was formerly a male human, but for various reason he died and ended up reborn as a "troll" demon. He has a new set of loving demon parents who named her him "Gabrielle", but he hasn't adapted very well to this new life. He ran away from home and escaped through the Otherworld Gate. His current goal is to come to terms with his new life.
A large plain sweater​
A long needle for poking things​
Written using blood as ink​
Superhuman Strength​
The enormous strength of a troll (weakened)​
Enhanced Regeneration​
Enhanced defense / regeneration of a troll (weakened)​
Experience a boost in power if (human) meat is eaten.​
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Character Sheet - Nestel D'Menargi
GenderMale (Ω)RaceCat Demihuman (Ω)Level1 (70 / 200 EXP)
Age19ClassHousecat(?) / SpouseMoney0 G
Practical, law-abiding, introverted, conscientious, and soft-spoken. Since a young age, he was bred at the kennels to become his current masters's spouse, pet, servant, omega, housewife, and all of the above — to a certain extent he has been conditioned and brainwashed to think that his world revolves around his Alpha. His Omega hormones have only exacerbated the situation, and he has already biologically imprinted despite the exploitative relationship.
Nestel comes from an Omegaverse world where Omegas are separated at birth and raised in kennels to be a perfect spouse. He was conditioned with chemicals, magic, seals, and other methods to be extremely obedient. Upon graduating, he was married to his current master, Lucian D'Menargi, who at the time already had multiple husbands and wives (polygamy) and was incredibly wealthy. However, the D'Menargi business was caught in a war between powerful corporations, and the company was betrayed. While fleeing hired killers, Lucian D'Menargi escaped through the gate with one servant — fortunately (or unfortunately?) Nestel happened to be nearby.
ScarfSometimes used to conceal his ears.
Knitting NeedlesOrdinarily used for sewing.
DusterTo remove the dust off furniture.
ShapeshiftCan transform into a cat form.
CompulsionForced to obey his Alpha's orders.
Fast ReflexesNaturally fast reflexes and sharp senses.
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Ume (梅)

Compact Form
Human Form
Full-Sized Form

Not yet chosenSky Dragon53 years"Baby"

Ume is a sky dragon with the capability of shapeshifting into multiple forms. Her true form is that of a massive eastern dragon approximately the length of an aircraft carrier, and she levitates naturally. Despite her size, she is actually a "baby" in terms of dragon years, and she will get even larger as she ages over the next few millennia.

Ume's gender is indeterminate. Dragons from her world are born as hermaphrodites, and they choose a biological sex to differentiate into after living for several hundred years. Currently, Ume is too young to choose a gender for herself, although she currently uses female pronouns.

Sky Dragons of her species are intuitively gifted with transformation magic. They can alter or disguise their appearance and freely mingle upon humans. Ume has a few forms that she regularly cycles in between, including a small fluffy dragon form approximately the side of a large dog. She also has a human form that she likes to use, but she can freely adopt other looks (including male bodies, tailless bodies, etc). Ume can also transform into common animals and inanimate objects.

Despite being a "Baby", Ume acts like a fully grown adult by human standards. She is slightly immature in the sense that she doesn't take things very seriously, and she can be rash and emotional. Ume is prone to developing attachments to random and trivial things. She hasn't quite realized that she will outlive almost everything that she interacts with, and she hasn't experienced death of any of her friends yet. Currently, Ume is living her life to her fullest and eager to explore the world.

Ume spent the first fifty years of her life inside a small cave since her mom wouldn't let her leave... However, on her fiftieth birthday, Ume's mom turned to her and said she was allowed to go outside! In exchange, Ume must be accompanied by her... fiancé...

What?! Ume didn't even know that she had a fiancé.

Obviously, Ume was unwilling to accept this so she ran away to another world.


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