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If you're interested in reading my stuff, my fan-fics can be found on FF.N and Ao3.​

Why do I post tutorials?
-- To answer questions from other writers. To assist them in improving their craft.

The thing is, all of my tutorials are already written. I merely adjust them for the sites I post them on, and I have a lot of tutorials out there already. The bulk of the 'definitions' I use are already posted in other tutorials --and I freely admit that my definitions are not the same as what you'll find in English Lit classes.

In fact, most of my tutorials are additional information that rely on info I already covered in other tutorials.

Case in point, if you haven't read my tutorial: Guide to Proper Paragraphing, why and how I divide paragraphs, plus why I don't encourage the use of the word "Said" or "As" just sounds like personal bias when in fact, I have very valid --and stated-- reasons.

There is so much information on that tutorial alone, repeating that info in every tutorial would make them all far too massive to even look at. Also, I hate repeating myself.

To put things in perspective, I haven't even scratched the surface of just how much writing information I have already posted on my blog plus sites such as Deviant Arts, the Lemmasoft Forum, FurAffinity, PaperDemon, Ao3, and a few others. There's even more info in my personal files I haven't posted anywhere.

When I post an essay, a tutorial, I try to only answer the direct question because I have so much information. In addition, that info branches out in so many directions I have a hard time knowing where to stop. Even the How-To book I published didn't cover everything I actually have.

What I've posted so far on ScribbleHub is merely what has been asked about -- except for that tutorial on Paragraphing. That tutorial holds the core of how I write and why I write that way. It's the floor that all my other tutorials stand on.

If I was teaching writing, the essays would be in a completely different order, and certain essays that I have not posted would have been added in between. This would cover things more in depth, and each essay would build on previously covered information.

In short, I skip around to post only what was asked.

Unfortunately, I do have limits on my knowledge. I know next to nothing on how to construct 1000 chapter epic fiction and keep it from boring the hell out of my readers halfway through. I only know how to write 100k novels.

More importantly, I am Not a creative writer.

I learned to write for publishers, and what they want in their fiction has hard limits on character types, word count, and acceptable content. None of that applies on this site, so a good number of my essays will never be posted here.

So! If you want to know what I know, ask questions. I'll be happy to answer them as best I can.

October 31
Tallahassee Florida USA




Ookami Kasumi
Writer of Quality Smut
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