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    Create your own Heroes!

    The drawback has no relation to your ability though :(
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    Create your own Heroes!

    Uhh, It doesn't make any sense though xD Like the drawback doesn't fit in to your ability.
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    Create your own Heroes!

    Hey There! My novel, The Evolution: Rise of the Heroes is focused on the nature of humans if they were to have their own powers. Whether they'll use it to the benefit of others or to themselves. So I've thought of sharing your unique powers. It must have it's own drawback for example...
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    That's illegal! Joke aside, If you've check my novel, my MC is all about energy.
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    Open-source Software for Writing

    This is actually quite nice. It would be great if there's few more apps out there for mobiles. Since I write all of my chapters on my device.
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    Close Combat Feedback

    Like I said, I'm hardly one to talk to. But There are a lot of ways out there. I always tell this to my fellow classmates who's doing their essay: Think of yourself as the audience. What do I want to see? Why do I want to continue reading this? What makes this different from the rest of the...
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    Close Combat Feedback

    Probably make your Synopsis a little more, hooky to the audience? I'm hardly one to talk, though. Since that's the first thing the audience will check. If this novel is worth it to read, y'know.
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    Story feedback

    Chapters could have been a little longer. Synopsis is really important to hook your audience, so you need a really attention-catching synopsis. Not that I'm any better at it.
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    Looking for feedback on my story

    As for the plot, it's really hard to tell if it's good or not, since it's still at 2 chapters. But so far, you're doing good. Just becareful of the system thing, because it might backfire.
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    What genres are you used to writing?

    I guess, but what I meant is the kind of thriller that the Game of Thrones has. The thrill of who's gonna die next? You know, that's the kind of write I aspire to be.
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    What genres are you used to writing?

    I mean, I'm an amateur writer at all, but I prefer doing action and thriller. The kind of thriller that puts the audience at the edge of their seats, waiting for the next thing that's gonna happen. If you sucessfully do that, then you're a really good writer.