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  • Happy birthday!
    I hope your day is full of laughter, happiness and love!

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    How to motivate yourself to keep writing?
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    Seeing readers reading my work! It motivates me to be like, "Oh, I want to be better for those that read my work!" It's different for everyone, just find what pushes you. You don't have to be always motivated but just sometimes motivated could work too but make sure to just keep on working on it if you want to keep writing. Sorry if I'm not helpful but hey I tried? :sweat_smile:
    I started writing because I run out all interesting light novels to read. So I write in my free time, and I post it here so others could read it, (although my story is not that popular). My motivation is mainly the ideas of the story, (its a bit difficult to explain). So whenever you get an idea just scribble it down on your arm or notebook and when you're free, make it a part of your novel.
    Okay, new forum new me. I'll never shitpost anymore. Well, the last 50 was because I wanted to unlock title. So the current me will only open my mouth when needed.
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