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    A change in format

    I don't know if any here recall me, but with A Silvertongue's Tale, Ive decided to change it. No longer is a written story, but a comic. i'm posting it in various...
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    Goodness i haven't been here in a while

    Hi! I'm back. But i'm probably gonna be redoing kerren's story in a visual novel typea way like i'm doing with a fanmade wizarding school as seen here LOL But for real, go on and check it out, it's pretty much a reader insert, going for a...
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    fullbodies, funfacts and a new project, oh my!

    More full bodies! Kerren's parents! anddd Jack!
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    fullbodies, funfacts and a new project, oh my!

    first, have a Kerren full body and some fun facts with it! I could make this post go very very long, but I won't. and now... a new possible project \oao/
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    Law of Magic

    in A silvertongue's tale, everyone is capable of magic, some more so than others. For instance, anju ( a character that's to be introduced next chapter), has very minimal magic. It only allows her to make and use spell cards. Each time she uses those, however, she feels a tad drained. Then...
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    Another story, in another world

    Right?? Like, granted, Kerren's story would pretty much be the same, just little differences here and there. But you would only get little hints of it from Ruby's perspective. I think I might end up doing it. I just need to draw out the cover.
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    Another story, in another world

    I have a story, pretty much worked with a friend in roleplays, about a superhero in her world of Southwind. But the thing is, Kerren is in that story too, as are things from his story like magic and mythicals. The reason I say this is because I may post her story too. While it will focus on...
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    Writing Notebooks, Computers, Writing Platform...

    I used to use notebooks, I still have like fifteen of them from middle-high school full of old stories that need to be rewritten or finished. I moved to computer in the middle of high school partly because I had gotten accommodations to write my notes on my laptop, but also it was just easier...
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    Art dump for A Silvertongue's Tale+links!

    Gonna post chapter 8 and Creator tlak 4 pics here yes! Chapter 8: and now creator talk 4! Dear Reader finally has a body! and they are concerned.jpeg Link to creator talk 4...
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    A Silvertongue's Tale Chapter 1.1 + chapter 8 picture!

    Talia picking Kerren up is my favorite panel ngl Apparently it's too big So have the google drive link But i still have another picture Kerren asleep
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    A Silvertongue's Tale update!

    here's a bit from the chapter “Hello, Ginger~.” Talon purred, putting pressure with the one arm, “Glad to see you’re up and about! You know, I really wanted to talk to you…. I really don’t approve of you refusing all my wonderful advances… Maybe I should start going after that blonde friend of...
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    A Silvertongue's tale- prologue 1.0

    Ngl, best comment. Too bad that's not the only thing Kerren has to worry about.
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    A Silvertongue's tale- prologue 1.0

    Mrs. Abbernack finding Kerren!
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    A Silvertongue's tale- prologue .0

    I did it! I'm making a comic for it. This one starts a little bit differently than the novel does, but hey~
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    Paulina Rex Prologue-Chapter 1

    Holy moly this is amazing!!! an interesting, start, and a good few twists in there! \oao/!!!!