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    It’s pollin’ time

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    Hi, I'm new

    It's us, he's new, he didn't know. Now he does know, there won't be any more attempts to get anything sensible out of us, will there...?
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    Do vent diaries work?

    If you feel like that see a doctor. Anything else is just self destructive. I mean, happy-slapping those annoying moped-riding, dope-smoking little hippies outside the window would give you a dopamine hit, sure...but it wouldn't last long and wouldn't fix the problem long term. You need help so...
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    how to nicely break up with someone

    I agree. Nothing worse than not being told why you're being dumped. If I'd been afforded the respect of being told, I could have dealt with it better. It took a while to find out it wasn't me, he was just a cheating twat. You could say 'I really value the time we've spent together and I'll...
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    I'm Looking for a Volunteer Artist

    This reminds of that one time my mother demanded I do the cover art for my sister's (trad pub) poetry book. She really thought a credit on the book would be payment enough. No thanks. Art takes time, materials, thought, effort...soooo not interested in a small-print mention on the inside back...
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    What other sites besides ScribbleHub do you post in?

    I'm on wattpad and neovel as well. Don't really get the views though. Don't get many here either, but compared with the other two I do... Tried RR but didn't like the community. Couple of great people (who are probably here too) but some asshats.
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    My shinbone is still reeling from the hammering it got from a skateboard going downhill at speed a week ago. I feel your pain! Also I am picturing a huge, huge slab, rearing majestically into the air, just as you approach and go arse over tit. So I am also laughing. Sorry. Hope it gets better soon.
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    Dear Shub Authors of the internet, what made you choose Shub?

    I was scratching my head and thinking 'I have never heard of this genre' and feeling out of the loop.... I came here because you're all very silly and I am a silly person. And I can write norty scenes that make old ladies blush
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    A Traffic Enforcer Experience

    Renew your license then ride up and down in front of him all day eating donuts
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    Which version of Windows makes you feel the most nostalgic?

    Windows 98....OMG. I can remember when the internet came out!
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    Words within Words

    Fun in funeral eat in death Scunthorpe....well you work it out.
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    Character Design Help

    I hate even more the Manowar rejects *shudder*.
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    Sometimes it takes a real woman to be the best boi

    I'm a gay man in a woman's body.
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    40 days and 40 nights

    nah he's coming back he said
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    Which Age Group Do You Belong To?

    how about 'reincarnated 20k times but only just started this one'