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    First 5 chapters feedback exchange

    Yes the offer is still on. And i haven't set a word limit but i think it will be fine as long as its nothing too outrageous.
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    Create a trending list specifically for new titles

    I think it would be a real asset and well enjoyed feature if scribblehub could make a second trending list, however it being for novels that were created within the last two weeks. It would allow new books of high quality or activity to get the exposure they need, without them having to be...
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    First 5 chapters feedback exchange

    I've scrolled through scribblehub story feedback page and have been noticing a lot of first chapter feedback schemes, which I think are good however are lacking when it comes to obtaining an overview of where a story is heading. I thought that instead of doing a single first chapter feedback we...
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    Non-standard Monsters

    We need cicadas. Cicadas everywhere.
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    Sell Me Your Story in 3 Sentences or Less

    "I'm a bad cicada, Mwhahahaha". Cough. Cough.
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    What is your favorite method to get inspiration or motivation ?

    Watch a few episodes of anime and reading a light novel really helps stimulate my ideas helping me get motivated.
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    Writing Ideas for cool superpowers?

    panty flicker ability
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    Minacia's First Chapter Feedback

    Mind taking a look at my first novel, Just click on the picture and it will link you right there. :)