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    Do you find her creepy?

    Kinda yes, it feels like someone put on a rubber face mask an it doesn't quite fit right on their face
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    Where did you first heard the term Eskimo Sisters

    I only recently heard about it from someone named Agentt
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    Using same name in story writing.

    I don't think having the exact same name is that weird, since I've seen many people who share names so it's not uncommon, in such maybe you can try referring to them as teach and chief rather than the first name
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    Two things you can’t argue against. (for real now)

    Go to twitter if you wanna shitpost, and henceforth never desecrate these lands again
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    Moons in novels

    In a fantasy world (which I assume that is what you talk about when you mention other worlds) they generally don't have the technology level for safe lighting
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    Moons in novels

    Still makes the moon one of the only sources of natural light during the night, even if it is reflected light it still gives light
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    Moons in novels

    For no moon you should probably add alternate sources of light at like glowing plants or make it so most creatures don't need light to navigate through the night cause the nights are gonna be darker than an emo in the theater club Also does no one ever think about eclipses in the 2-3 moon gang...
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    Who else would love to see some SH and RR stories to be published as LNs and made as anime?

    I mean, someone could try to approach some studios to try and get a anime made from their light novel story, but they would have to be proactive and face a lot of rejection before actually managing to pull it off, most western place demand more proactiveness for this stuff
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    How do you publicise completed books?

    Don't know if people do it here but on syosetu the are many authors who write extra chapters to already finished stories kinda like an epilogue. For eg if a story if a romance story is finished they post some chapters related to the couples married life of stuff like that, not important to the...
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    Beta readers needed [CLOSED]

    I have a question? What exactly is a beta reader and why do people use them
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    Which mammal meat is a better substitute for lamb?

    Goat, If the Indian recipe mentions mutton it's more likely to be goat meat rather than sheep meat
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    Does this actually work?

    The font is really is upsetting
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    Does this actually work?

    Recently I saw this short by Dan Povenmire about writers block which basically was write whatever, even if it's crappy, then edit the hell out of it later, and just wanted to ask if it actually works or you just end up hating yourself due to how bad it is.
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    What type of fantasy would you want to live in

    A fantasy world with modern comforts such as youtube, good food and bidets yet still has magic