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    What gun would Jesus carry?

    Colt peacemaker
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    Lack of FMA Fandom novels

    I always liked the fanfics that just use the same universe FMA has like a thousand years of unused history for authors to take advantage of
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    Why so few female-to-male gender benders?

    I can't find the video I watched it months ago but in general the people in it talked about the difference of treatment they experienced as men and women men are expected to do all of the heavy lifting never complain and never show emotion when they needed support they were told to man up and...
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    Why so few female-to-male gender benders?

    Because nobody wants to learn about the plights of being a man in the modern world men are leaser beings in modern society I remember seeing a video where a bunch of female to male trans were talking about how horrible it was to be a man and how nobody told them it as hard as it is that's why...
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    Writing Accents

    As a southerner I can say you're wrong y'all is for groups all y'all is just a more aggressive form of it
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    Friendship - How close is too close?

    Yes I'd kill or die for my best friends hell I'd kill or die for my dog it doesn't mean I'm romantically interested in my best friends or dog this is honestly a subject I've thought about alot in the past about how so many people seem to confuse deep friendship for romantic interest I've seen...
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    [Anime] Your beginning

    Zoids I would get up at 6am to watch it on cartoon network every morning when I was like 5 and samurai x at 6pm I didn't even know what anime was till I was a teen
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    What's in your bug out bag?

    Who the f's going to be looking in my bag I'm not stopping at some shit hole fema camp and why do I give a damn about my Visa during a situation I have to bug out of and you're always supposed to have hard cash on hand for emergencies anyway getting out of the cities is not as hard as people...
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    What's in your bug out bag?

    Rifle and pistol with at least 2 extra mags each medkit socks underwear portable solar charger peanut butter and other protein bars fire starters and metal water bottle and some kind of water purifier
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    Best Pets You Have or Want?

    Am I the only dog person here?
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    Pie or cake

    I like cake without icing but I prefer pie
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    Writing Ideas for cool superpowers?

    I've always liked the idea of a normal guy with the ability to nullify all other superpowers magic or whatever even electricity within a certain range from him
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    Agent of Consent with different races

    I've always wondered about that? physical appearance age with beings that live hundreds of years would not be the same as their mentality or do they not mentally age the same speed as a human? as creepy as it may sound I'd always assumed that a long lived race would look past physical...
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    Tag blocking?

    But what if they want smut?
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    Tag blocking?

    No I've asked for the feature to be implemented but have gotten no response back you can only filter by genra