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    <3 *hugs* Welcome, friend!

    <3 *hugs* Welcome, friend!
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    What is your Gem of a novel on this site ?

    I wasn't sure if it'd be classy to reply to this very kind mention! *purring and blushing* Thank you AkalE! <3 Assu told me about it a few weeks ago, and I hesitated to respond! <3
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    Feature Request LitRPGs and trending! Attention required!

    Nya! Not a bad idea, but I'd suggest separate trendings based on genre, although, there's already a ranking system for tags and genres... so IDK... anything that gave more stories a spotlight on the site would be good. Maybe the site needs to focus less on what story got updated and how...
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    Site etiquette question

    Sometimes, posting one per day can be demanding. Ask yourself whether or not your demographic are binge readers or slower readers. There's a few types on any site, I've found, nya! <3 If you rush it too much and go beyond what you're comfortable with, it just leads to a burnout. *purrs* A...
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    Site etiquette question

    @OfficiallyZoe Hiya Zoe! It isn't so much about etiquette as about what will get your story read. So, in this situation you're going to want to post your story on an every two days basis, probably. One chapter per unless your story is immediately popular. If it isn't then maybe your story is a...
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    Feature Request A few little ideas

    It's a writer who suffers most from the system that protects readers absolutely. :sick: Scribblehub will gradually scare its writers away which currently are plentiful, but people leave frequently enough to make it obvious that it happens, nya. :blob_facepalm: The writer has to work hard for...
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    Feature Request A few little ideas

    I have to continue with a bit more: Why do I think my idea is a good one? Because right now we can't trust good ratings nor bad ratings. They're equally untrustworthy. But if the raters had to go through a few hoops to make a bad rating stick, you would know that rating actually was worth...
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    Feature Request A few little ideas

    If we must keep the rating system, to go on from what Assu said, I suggest that if ratings are removable by authors, some ratings can be locked in place by moderators. :blob_hmm: What this means is, if a rate was debated, a reader reported a story for their opinion being suppressed, nya, the...
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    Received 4 1-star ratings because another author accused me of stealing and cropping someone's else cover image

    Bottom line, ratings should be removed entirely from this and every other site. :blob_paint: It's a deeply flawed system which leads to nothing but drama and war whether stories get a ton of good ratings or bad ones, nya. But you are literally grinding the worst kind of salt into your own...
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    Received 4 1-star ratings because another author accused me of stealing and cropping someone's else cover image

    It's good that you can delete comments, depending, although doing so risks alienating a reader for suppressing, but it does put an end to silly drama, nya. :blob_hmm: A good amount of authors use images found on the internet. Most don't own their avatars either, which is not a problem, and I...
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    Feature Request Downloading All Chapters for Authors

    :ROFLMAO: I'm keen on this! It would resolve the problems associated with the feature, nya! <3
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    Feature Request CSS effects for chapters!

    Nya! I think it would be really neat to have effects like text bordering (stroke) that's possible through CSS. :unsure: Text shadows are also possible, although maybe these should be reserved for Headings and not normal text. :blob_uwu: :blob_paint: Rounded corners for tables and images are...
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    Feature Request Downloading All Chapters for Authors

    There's ways to compile to .EPUB format from PHP. With the sophistication of this site considered, I doubt it would be beyond his skill to do, but there's one danger of that sort of an arrangement. Systems don't tend to count downloads as views. It would certainly impact author's readership...
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    Nya! <3 (y):love:

    Nya! <3 (y):love:
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    Scribble Hub's Discord Banner Contest!

    It's a fact that practically every publishing site has a huge amount of erotic stories, XD It's inevitable! XD So is a site war going to start? :blobthumbsup: